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Journal of the Irish Dental Association

In August, 1995 dental treatment was provided in an orphanage in Romania. This treatment took place over three weeks using three different dentists. Two dental nurses served for full the duration. For the last two weeks the team was joined by a dental health educator. All have given accounts of their time in Romania. The patients had various degrees of handicap but generally co-operation for treatment was poor. Most patients needed pre-operative sedation of oral valium. A papoose board was used for restraint.

Fanning, B.
Gorby, R.
Henshaw, M.
O'Neill, A.
Treacey, C.
Vaughan, K.
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The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy

Medical bribery seems to be a global problem from Eastern Europe and the Balkans to China, a diffuse phenomenon, starting with morally acceptable gratitude and ending with institutional bribery. I focus my attention on Romania and analyze similar cases in Eastern European and postcommunist countries. Medical bribery can be regarded as a particular form of human transaction, a kind of primitive contract that occurs when people do not trust institutions or other forms of social contract that are meant to guarantee their rights and protect their interests.

Manea, Teodora
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Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology = Revue Roumaine De Morphologie Et Embryologie

PURPOSE: The principal purpose of this paper is to analyze the main opportunities and challenges in biomedical research, thus contributing to improving compliance with ethical norms within the context of continuously expanding research, such as to ensure better quality of patient care and reduce the risk of research not observing the totality of patient rights. BACKGROUND: Since antiquity finding ways to give care to people has represented not only an opportunity, but also a challenge materialized in experimenting and self-experimenting - a constant part of caregivers' activity.

Rogozea, Liliana
Purcaru, Daniel
Lea?u, Florin
Nemet, Condru?a
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Studies in Family Planning

This article grew out of a keynote address prepared for the conference, "From Abortion to Contraception: Public Health Approaches to Reducing Unwanted Pregnancy and Abortion Through Improved Family Planning Services," held in Tbilisi, Georgia, USSR in October 1990.

David, H. P.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Christian Nursing: A Quarterly Publication of Nurses Christian Fellowship
Farruggia, Michael
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Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

The purpose of this qualitative study was to understand how 20 families have adapted after adopting children between the ages of 3 and 5 years from eastern European institutions. The researcher visited a Romanian orphanage and then interviewed 20 families about their experiences with the adoption process and with family adaptation postadoption. Several themes emerged from the parents' stories regarding their search for support and resources to aid in parenting their children.

Linville, Deanna
Lyness, Anne Prouty
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Archives Roumaines De Pathologie Expérimentales Et De Microbiologie

The distribution per serotypes of 401 Campylobacter strains was studied by Lior's procedure, 241 strains being identified as C. jejuni (60.1%) and 160 as C. coli (39.9%): out of these 329 were of human origin (82%), including 225 C. jejuni and 104 C. coli, and 72 were isolated from fowls and swine (16 C. jejuni, 56 C. coli). Out of the total of 401 strains, 363 (90.5%) were typable.

Rusu, V.
Lior, H.
Lucinescu, S.
Kovacs, M.
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Romanian Journal of Internal Medicine = Revue Roumaine De Médecine Interne

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is an invalidating condition, lacking a perfect therapy. Therefore, many patients use also complementary and alternative therapies (CAT) or psychotherapy (PT). There are no data on the use of CAT and PT in IBS in our area. We looked for this until uncovered aspect of IBS management in Romania. MATERIAL AND METHODS: 250 consecutive patients with IBS (142 F/108M, aged 49 +/- 12 years) referred to a tertiary gastroenterological center were questioned about the use of CAT and PT using a structured specially developed questionnaire.

Dumitraşcu, D. L.
Nedelcu, L.
Pop, Sorina
Blaga-Surdea, Teodora
Dadu, R. T.
Costin, Simona
Popescu, Manuela
Picos, Alina
David, Liliana
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