Sarcoma 180

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Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology

Dipterocarpaceous plants contain various resveratrol oligomers that exhibit a variety of biological activities, such as antibacterial and antitumor effects. Previously, we found that vaticanol C, a resveratrol tetramer, exhibits strong cytotoxicity against various tumor cell lines. In the present study, we examined the antitumor activity of the ethanol extract from the stem bark of Vateria indica, which has been traditionally used for health and healing diseases as Ayurveda in India.

Mishima, Satoshi
Matsumoto, Kenji
Futamura, Yoshihiro
Araki, Yoko
Ito, Tetsuro
Tanaka, Toshiyuki
Iinuma, Munekazu
Nozawa, Yoshinori
Akao, Yukihiro
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Journal of Ethnopharmacology

Most of the synthetic chemotherapeutic agents available today are immunosuppressants, cytotoxic, and exert variety of side effects that are particularly evident in cancer chemotherapy. Botanical based immunomodulators are often employed as supportive or adjuvant therapy to overcome the undesired effects of cytotoxic chemotherapeutic agents and to restore normal health.

Diwanay, Sham
Chitre, Deepa
Patwardhan, Bhushan
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Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

AIM: To study structure-activity relationship of tubeimosides isolated from Bolbostemma paniculatum for their anti-inflammatory, antitumor, and antitumor-promoting effects. METHODS: Tubeimosides I, II, and III were isolated from tubers of Bolbostemma paniculatum (Maxim) Franquet (Cucurbitaceae), a Chinese folk medicine,"Tubeimu", and their anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-tumorigenic activities, and acute toxicity were studied in vivo.

Yu, T. X.
Ma, R. D.
Yu, L. J.
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Marine Drugs

Oyster extracts have been reported to have many bioactive peptides. But the function of oyster peptides produced by proteolysis is still unknown. In this study, the oligopeptide-enriched hydrolysates from oyster (Crassostrea gigas) were produced using the protease from Bacillus sp. SM98011 at laboratory level, and scaled up to pilot (100 L) and plant (1,000 L) levels with the same conditions. And the antitumor activity and immunostimulating effects of the oyster hydrolysates in BALB/c mice were investigated.

Wang, Yu-Kai
He, Hai-Lun
Wang, Guo-Fan
Wu, Hao
Zhou, Bai-Cheng
Chen, Xiu-Lan
Zhang, Yu-Zhong
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Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao = Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To observe the effects of warming spleen and stomach for dispersing phlegm recipe (Wenzhong Xiaotan Recipe, WZXTR), a compound traditional Chinese herbal medicine, on expression of interleukin-8 (IL-8) in S(180) tumor tissue in mice, and to explore the effectiveness and its mechanism.

Dang, Hai-zhen
Wei, Pin-kang
Zhang, Xiao-feng
Liu, Zhan-wen
Publication Title: 
Journal of Tongji Medical University = Tong Ji Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao

By utilizing murine tumor models bearing Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (EAC) and ascitic Sarcoma-180 (S-180), we investigated the in vivo antitumor effects of QEQ or/and the chemotherapeutic agent cyclophosphamide (CY) and their influence on the splenic natural killer (NK) activity, macrophage-mediated tumor cytolysis (MTC) activity and interleukin-2 (IL-2) production level of different groups of TBM.

Lei, X. F.
Bi, A. H.
Zhang, Z. X.
Cheng, Z. Y.
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