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Japan journal of nursing science: JJNS

AIM: Multimodal approaches toward relieving pain, patients' participation, and improving self-efficacy are important for chronic pain management. The aims of this review were to identify possible options of nursing strategies for pain management in individuals with chronic pain and to determine the effectiveness of these strategies for pain relief/pain-related problems; therefore, nurses and researchers could consider and/or adopt multimodal chronic pain management strategies. METHODS: A Systematic Integrated Literature Review was conducted.

Takai, Yukari
Yamamoto-Mitani, Noriko
Abe, Yoshiki
Suzuki, Mizue
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The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry

OBJECTIVE: Mental health services in the UK, Australia and other Anglophone countries have moved towards supporting personal recovery as a primary orientation. To provide an empirically grounded foundation to identify and evaluate recovery-oriented interventions, we previously published a conceptual framework of personal recovery based on a systematic review and narrative synthesis of existing models. Our objective was to test the validity and relevance of this framework for people currently using mental health services.

Bird, Victoria
Leamy, Mary
Tew, Jerry
Le Boutillier, Clair
Williams, Julie
Slade, Mike
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American Journal of Kidney Diseases: The Official Journal of the National Kidney Foundation

BACKGROUND: Kidney transplantation offers better outcomes compared to dialysis, but requires patients to adhere to an ongoing and complex self-management regimen. Medication nonadherence remains a leading cause of transplant loss, and inadequate self-management undermines transplantation and other health outcomes. We aimed to describe kidney transplant recipients' motivations, challenges, and attitudes toward self-management. STUDY DESIGN: Systematic review and thematic synthesis of qualitative studies. SETTING & POPULATION: Kidney transplant recipients.

Jamieson, Nathan J.
Hanson, Camilla S.
Josephson, Michelle A.
Gordon, Elisa J.
Craig, Jonathan C.
Halleck, Fabian
Budde, Klemens
Tong, Allison
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