Seminal Vesicles

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Medicine and Health, Rhode Island
Chang, Kevin J.
Woodfield, Courtney A.
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Phytotherapy research: PTR

Anacyclus pyrethrum (A. pyrethrum) has been used as Vajikaran Rasayana (aphrodisiac) in traditional Indian ayurvedic medicine to treat male sexual dysfunction, including infertility. Aphrodisiac activity may be due to an increase in the production or effect of androgens, so this study sought to evaluate the androgenic and spermatogenic potential of the alkylamide-rich ethanol solution extract. Male Wistar strain rats weighing between 150 and 180 g were completely randomized divided into five groups. The ethanol solution extract of A.

Sharma, Vikas
Boonen, Jente
Spiegeleer, Bart De
Dixit, V. K.
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