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Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy

A green rapid biogenic synthesis of silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) using Terminalia chebula (T. chebula) aqueous extract was demonstrated in this present study. The formation of silver nanoparticles was confirmed by Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) at 452 nm using UV-visible spectrophotometer. The reduction of silver ions to silver nanoparticles by T. chebula extract was completed within 20 min which was evidenced potentiometrically.

Mohan Kumar, Kesarla
Sinha, Madhulika
Mandal, Badal Kumar
Ghosh, Asit Ranjan
Siva Kumar, Koppala
Sreedhara Reddy, Pamanji
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Quintessence International (Berlin, Germany: 1985)

The basic mechanism of dental amalgam corrosion has been thoroughly studied during the last 50 years by various experimental techniques, most often carried out in vitro. Electrochemical methods were extensively employed, and it was recognized that a gradual dealloying of the more electroactive components, Zn, Sn, and to a lesser extent Cu, contributed to change the surface composition. It is also well known that, in all circumstances, galvanic coupling threatens the longevity of the restoration.

Toumelin-Chemla, Florence
Lasfargues, Jean-Jacques
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Journal of Applied Microbiology

In the present scenario, pharmaceutical and biomedical sectors are facing the challenges of continuous increase in the multidrug-resistant (MDR) human pathogenic microbes. Re-emergence of MDR microbes is facilitated by drug and/or antibiotic resistance, which is acquired way of microbes for their survival and multiplication in uncomfortable environments. MDR bacterial infections lead to significant increase in mortality, morbidity and cost of prolonged treatments.

Rai, M. K.
Deshmukh, S. D.
Ingle, A. P.
Gade, A. K.
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Nanoparticles have diverse applications in electronics, medical devices, therapeutic agents and cosmetics. While the commercialization of nanoparticles is rapidly expanding, their health and environmental impact is not well understood. Toxicity assays of silver, gold, and platinum nanoparticles, using zebrafish embryos to study their developmental effects were carried out. Gold (Au-NP, 15-35 nm), silver (Ag-NP, 5-35 nm) and platinum nanoparticles (Pt-NP, 3-10 nm) were synthesized using polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as a capping agent.

Asharani, P. V.
Lianwu, Yi
Gong, Zhiyuan
Valiyaveettil, Suresh
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