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The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
Elkins, M.
Milstein, J. J.
Publication Title: 
Rassegna Di Studi Psichiatrici
Bizzi, B.
Ferri, G.
Busi, G.
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Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica

BACKGROUND: We studied the effect of variable doses of ketamine on the endpoints of hypnosis, e.g., unresponsiveness to verbal commands (UVC), loss of eyelash reflex (LER), and inhibition of body movement response with or without sneezing to nasal membrane stimulation (INBMR), and processed EEG variables, e.g., bispectral index (BIS), 95% spectral edge frequency (SEF) and median frequency (MF) during propofol infusion.

Sakai, T.
Singh, H.
Mi, W. D.
Kudo, T.
Matsuki, A.
Publication Title: 
Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia = Journal Canadien D'anesthésie
Wessels, I. F.
Najjar, M. F.
Publication Title: 
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

We report a case of hysterical, intractable paroxysmal sneezing in an adolescent girl. The patient had been observed by two pediatricians, an allergist, an emergency room physician, and a chiropractor. She had been treated with antihistamines, epinephrine, corticosteroid nasal spray, and a 1-week course of an oral corticosteroid without improvement. She was referred for evaluation of an allergic etiology before continuing her workup with a computed tomographic head scan. The patient had been sneezing almost daily for 3 mo up to 2000 times a day. The patient did not sneeze at night.

Wiener, D.
McGrath, K.
Patterson, R.
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