Social Participation

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Arthritis Care & Research

OBJECTIVE: Individuals with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) often experience symptoms that affect family relationships, which are important components of quality of life. To assess the impact of SLE on family role functioning, we developed a 6-domain (Fatigue, Activity participation, Mental health, Isolation, Love and intimacy, and You/fulfilling family roles [FAMILY]) measure. The objectives of this study were to pilot test and achieve preliminary validation for the SLE-FAMILY questionnaire. METHODS: This was a 3-phase study.

Hassett, Afton L.
Li, Tracy
Radvanski, Diane C.
Savage, Shantal V.
Buyske, Steven
Schiff, Samuel A.
Katz, Patricia P.
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Clinical Interventions in Aging

BACKGROUND: In Norway, there is a focus on home-dwelling people with dementia receiving the opportunity to participate in organized meaningful activities. The aim of this study was to elucidate the experiences of home-dwelling persons with early-stage dementia who attend an activity center and participate in adapted physical and social activities delivered by nurses and volunteers. METHODS: The study adopted a qualitative approach, with individual interviews conducted among eight people diagnosed with early-stage dementia.

Sˆderhamn, Ulrika
Aasgaard, Live
Landmark, Bj¯rg
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Journal of Aging Studies

The fourth age, as the last stage of life, represents a final challenge to find personal meaning in the face of changing capacities, illness and disability. Participation in valued activities is important for sustaining interest in life and has been associated with enhanced health and well-being. Art and craft activities are a popular form of participation amongst women in late life with growing international interest in the potential for these types of activities to maintain health and well-being and address problems of social isolation.

Liddle, Jeannine L. M.
Parkinson, Lynne
Sibbritt, David W.
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