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Why aren't more women in science?: Top researchers debate the evidence

There are interesting differences between the average male and female mind. In using the word average, I am from the outset recognizing that such differences may have little to say about individuals. In addition, the differences are subtle and are to do with the relative proportions of different drives in the typical male and female mind. The field of sex differences in psychology in the 1960s and 1970s was so conflict-ridden as to make an open-minded debate about any potential role of biology contributing to psychological sex differences impossible.

Baron-Cohen, Simon
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Three different samples of dream reports from Japanese women were analyzed to determine their male/female percentage. A study in the early 1980s found far fewer males in the dreams of Japanese women than is the case for women in other societies. The previous finding was not replicated, and both studies are discussed in terms of the role of women in Japanese society then and now.

William, G.
Nishikawa, Natsuko
Brubaker, Lowell
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