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Global Health Promotion

The right to health care is significant for asylum seekers, particularly as many of them have experienced traumatic life events in their home country, during flight or in their host country. Post-migration living conditions have more impact than pre-migration conditions on ill health among asylum seekers, which underscores the importance of health care-related refugee reception policies.

Ekblad, Solvig
Linander, Andrea
Asplund, Maria
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Frankincense has been known, traded and used throughout the ages for its exceptional aroma properties, and is still commonly used in both secular and religious settings to convey a pleasant odor. Surprisingly, the odoriferous principle(s) underlying its unique odor profile have never been published. In this study, resin samples of Boswellia sacra Flueck. from both Somalia and Oman were investigated by aroma extract dilution analysis.

Niebler, Johannes
Buettner, Andrea
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Journal of Christian Nursing: A Quarterly Publication of Nurses Christian Fellowship
Scheffel, D.
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Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

BACKGROUND: Oral health disparities related to socioeconomic status have been well described in the U.S., but oral health among refugee groups has not been well characterized. This article examines oral health among Somali refugees in Massachusetts. METHODS: Eighty-three (83) participants were purposively selected for an in-depth, open-ended interview related to oral health. RESULTS: Older individuals associated use of the stick brush with the Islamic practice of cleansing before prayer. When unable to find stick brushes in the U.S., many adopted the Western toothbrush.

Adams, Jo Hunter
Young, Samorga
Laird, Lance D.
Geltman, Paul L.
Cochran, Jennifer J.
Hassan, Ahmed
Egal, Fadumo
Paasche-Orlow, Michael K.
Barnes, Linda L.
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