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Anales Del Sistema Sanitario De Navarra

The donation of organs and tissues is accepted in our society as a normal process; thus it frequently happens that when, in the face of imminent death, we inform the family of the severity of the patient in an intensive care unit, they offer us the organs and/or tissues before they are even asked. That is to say that in our milieu the degree of awareness and generosity is very high.

UnzuÈ, Jj
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Health Economics

This paper presents results on the valuation of health risks in the presence of altruism. The contingent valuation method is utilised in a split sample experiment for estimating the private and public values in reducing the risk of flu. Data modelling for the dichotomous choice method follows a Bayesian approach, which accounts for zero responses and is adequate for the comparison of small sample results.

AraÒa, Jorge E.
LeÛn, Carmelo J.
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Revista De Derecho Y Genoma Humano = Law and the Human Genome Review

This paper attempts to delineate the main tenets of Spanish interpretation of the Tissue Directive, which, arguably, constitute the "ideal" model traced by the Directive. The different ways in which ideals of altruism and solidarity have played out in the implementation or translation of the Directive are underlined. But it also highlights the difficulties and conflicts that the application of this pattern has already revealed, as for example, in the governance of private cord blood banking and oocyte donation.

Alkorta Idiakez, Itziar
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Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: Sufficient evidence suggests that health information technology (HIT) will soon become part of physician procedure. This paper poses that the outcome of using HIT is affected by the intentions of use. Note that ethical indoctrination is a crucial mechanism for monitoring physicians. Judicious and sufficient use of HIT is expected to be the prerequisite for deploying these technologies to help in delivering better care. This research paper, therefore, aims to define professional concerns and intent to use HIT, and identify their associations.

Tsang, Sandro
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International Journal for Equity in Health

BACKGROUND: Egalitarianism and altruism are two ways in which people may have attitudes that go beyond the narrowly defined selfish preferences. The theoretical constructs of egalitarianism and altruism are different from each other, yet there may be connections between the two. This paper explores the empirical relationship between egalitarianism and altruism, in the context of health. METHODS: We define altruism as individual behaviour that aims to benefit another individual in need; and egalitarianism as a characteristic of a social welfare function, or a meta-level preference.

Ab·solo, Ignacio
Tsuchiya, Aki
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PloS One

This study explores the relationship between several personal religion-related variables and social behaviour, using three paradigmatic economic games: the dictator (DG), ultimatum (UG), and trust (TG) games. A large carefully designed sample of the urban adult population in Granada (Spain) is employed (N = 766). From participants' decisions in these games we obtain measures of altruism, bargaining behaviour and sense of fairness/equality, trust, and positive reciprocity.

BraÒas-Garza, Pablo
Espín, Antonio M.
Neuman, Shoshana
Publication Title: 
The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry

The scientific literature reveals the importance of the resilience process in females who have experienced intimate partner violence (IPV). However, despite the importance of the cultural context in the process of resilience, there are no investigations exploring this phenomenon in Spain. This study used grounded theory to explore the factors that contribute to building resilience in Spanish women who have undergone IPV. A sample of 22 women who had experienced IPV participated in the study (mean age = 46.45 years, SD = 10.49).

LÛpez-Fuentes, Iratxe
Calvete, Esther
Publication Title: 
Accident; Analysis and Prevention

This paper aims to study the phenomenon known as 'highway hypnosis' or 'driving without attention mode', which has been defined as a state showing sleepiness signs and attention slip resulting from driving a motor vehicle for a long period in a highly predictable environment with low event occurrence, this being the case with motorways and very familiar roads [Highway hypnosis: a theoretical analysis. In: Gale, A.G., Brown, I.D., Haslegrave, C.M., Moorhead, I., Taylor, S. (Eds.), Vision in Vehicles-III. Elsevier, North-Holland, pp. 467-472].

Cerezuela, Gemma Pastor
Tejero, Pilar
Chóliz, Mariano
Chisvert, Mauricio
Monteagudo, M. José
Publication Title: 
History of Psychiatry

This paper studies the reception and development of animal magnetism in Spanish medicine. It analyses in turn: the initial rejection of animal magnetism influenced by the reports of the French Royal Commissions of 1784; the first attempts to implant Mesmerism around 1816; its reluctant acceptance with the introduction of phrenology from 1842 onwards; and, finally, its critical revision, provoked by issues of legal responsibility, from 1856 to 1860. Hypnotism, as a term, began to appear in Spanish medical publications around 1860.

González de Pablo, Angel
Publication Title: 
The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

The authors review the most important Spanish contributions to hypnosis during the 19th and 20th centuries, with emphasis on the work of Santiago Ramon y Cajal, winner of the 1906 Nobel Prize in medicine. It is widely accepted that he provided a basic foundation for modern neurosciences with his work on neuronal staining and synaptic transmission. What is missing in most accounts of his work is his longstanding interest and work on hypnosis and anomalous phenomena.

Sala, José
Cardeña, Etzel
Holgado, Maria Carmen
Añez, Cristóbal
Pérez, Pilar
Periñan, Rocio
Capafons, Antonio


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