Sphingosine N-Acyltransferase

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Aging Cell

The search for longevity-determining genes in human has largely neglected the operation of genetic interactions. We have identified a novel combination of common variants of three genes that has a marked association with human lifespan and healthy aging. Subjects were recruited and stratified according to their genetically inferred ethnic affiliation to account for population structure. Haplotype analysis was performed in three candidate genes, and the haplotype combinations were tested for association with exceptional longevity.

Jazwinski, S. Michal
Kim, Sangkyu
Dai, Jianliang
Li, Li
Bi, Xiuhua
Jiang, James C.
Arnold, Jonathan
Batzer, Mark A.
Walker, Jerilyn A.
Welsh, David A.
Lefante, Christina M.
Volaufova, Julia
Myers, Leann
Su, L. Joseph
Hausman, Dorothy B.
Miceli, Michael V.
Ravussin, Eric
Poon, Leonard W.
Cherry, Katie E.
Welsch, Michael A.
Georgia Centenarian Study and the Louisiana Healthy Aging Study
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Journal of Cellular Biochemistry

Homo sapiens longevity assurance homologue 2 of yeast LAG1 (LASS2), also known as tumor metastasis suppressor gene 1 (TMSG1), is a newly found tumor metastasis suppressor gene in 1999. Preliminary studies showed that it not only suppressed tumor growth but also closely related to tumor metastasis, however, its molecular mechanisms is still unclear.

Xu, Xiaoyan
You, Jiangfeng
Pei, Fei
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Experimental Cell Research

The ceramide synthase (CerS) enzymes are key regulators of ceramide homeostasis. CerS1 is central to regulating C18 ceramide which has been shown to be important in cancer and the response to chemotherapeutic drugs. Previous work indicated that some drugs induced a novel and specific translocation of CerS1 from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi apparatus. We now show that diverse stresses such as UV light, DTT, as well as drugs with different mechanisms of action induce CerS1 translocation.

Sridevi, Priya
Alexander, Hannah
Laviad, Elad L.
Min, Junxia
Mesika, Adi
Hannink, Mark
Futerman, Anthony H.
Alexander, Stephen
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