Spinal Diseases

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Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to critically appraise and synthesize evidence on the effectiveness of noninvasive interventions, excluding pharmacological treatments, for musculoskeletal thoracic pain. METHODS: Randomized controlled trials (RCTs), cohort studies, and case-control studies evaluating the effectiveness of noninvasive interventions were eligible. We searched MEDLINE, EMBASE, PsycINFO, and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials accessed through Ovid Technologies, Inc, and CINAHL Plus with Full Text accessed through EBSCOhost from 1990 to 2015.

Southerst, Danielle
Marchand, Andrée-Anne
Côté, Pierre
Shearer, Heather M.
Wong, Jessica J.
Varatharajan, Sharanya
Randhawa, Kristi
Sutton, Deborah
Yu, Hainan
Gross, Douglas P.
Jacobs, Craig
Goldgrub, Rachel
Stupar, Maja
Mior, Silvano
Carroll, Linda J.
Taylor-Vaisey, Anne
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STUDY DESIGN: Nonviral transfection of nucleus pulposus cells with a telomerase expression construct to assess the effects on cellular lifespan, function, karyotypic stability, and transformation properties. OBJECTIVES: To investigate whether telomerase gene therapy can extend the cellular lifespan while retaining functionality of nucleus pulposus cells in a safe manner. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Degeneration of the intervertebral disc is an age-related condition in which cells responsible for the maintenance and health of the disc deteriorate with age.

Chung, Sylvia A.
Wei, Ai Qun
Connor, David E.
Webb, Graham C.
Molloy, Timothy
Pajic, Marina
Diwan, Ashish D.
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Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to examine the volume and rate of Medicare Part B claims for chiropractic spinal manipulation longitudinally from 1998 to 2004. METHODS: A descriptive retrospective analysis was performed on Medicare part B claims from 1998 to 2004 using the Medicare Part B Standard Analytical Variable Length File. Using a 5% random sample of Medicare part B claims, the total number of claims were determined for chiropractic spinal manipulation procedures, and the rate of chiropractic spinal manipulation procedures per 1000 beneficiaries.

Whedon, James M.
Davis, Matthew A.
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The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association

CONTEXT: Identifying objective measures that correlate with somatic dysfunction palpatory findings will aid in establishing clinical relevance of the findings and provide outcome measures for future studies. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the association of altered segmental lumbar vertebral mechanics (ie, somatic dysfunction) as assessed by palpation with bone mineral density (BMD) T-score variability in participants, some with chronic low back pain (CLBP) and others without low back pain (LBP).

Snider, Karen T.
Johnson, Jane C.
Degenhardt, Brian F.
Snider, Eric J.
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Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology: Official Journal of the International Society of Electrophysiological Kinesiology

Physical therapists internationally provide spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) to patients with musculoskeletal pain complaints. SMT has been a part of physical therapist practice since the profession's beginning. Early physical therapist clinical decision making for SMT was influenced by the approaches of osteopathic and orthopedic physicians at the time. Currently a segmental clinical decision making approach and a responder clinical decision making approach are two of the more common models through which physical therapist clinical use of SMT is directed.

Bialosky, Joel E.
Simon, Corey B.
Bishop, Mark D.
George, Steven Z.
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STUDY DESIGN: Serial, cross-sectional, nationally representative surveys of noninstitutionalized US adults. OBJECTIVE: To examine expenditures on common ambulatory health services for the management of back and neck conditions. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Although it is well recognized that national costs associated with back and neck conditions have grown considerably in recent years, little is known about the costs of care for specific ambulatory health services that are used to manage this population.

Davis, Matthew A.
Onega, Tracy
Weeks, William B.
Lurie, Jon D.
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Voprosy Kurortologii, Fizioterapii, I Lechebnoĭ Fizicheskoĭ Kultury
Krivorotov, V. A.
Pobegaĭlo, N. V.
Stepanova, T. D.
Born, R. G.
Kolodiazhnaia, A. I.
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Beiträge Zur Orthopädie Und Traumatologie
Karschunke, H. J.
Siegel, K.
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Der Orthopäde

The clinical findings and pain symptoms determine the functional treatment of the cervical spine disorders. Acute pain syndromes are to be approached by passive procedures, such as massage, electrotherapy, trigger point treatment. Could the pain reaction be reduced, the mobilizing techniques, including manipulation are indicated, followed by training therapy/reconditioning of shoulder girdle muscles. The patients are also to be instructed to perform home exercise program aiming the stabilization of cervical spine.

Schneider, W.
Dvorak, J.
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Terapevticheskiĭ Arkhiv

AIM: To compare effectiveness of manual and bioresonance therapies for fibromyalgia (FM) in spinal osteochondrosis (SO). MATERIAL AND METHODS: The trial enrolled 60 FM patients with x-ray diagnosis of SO. In addition to routine clinical examination all the patients have undergone kinesthetic study with estimation of the muscular syndrome index, brain echoscopy, neurological examination, electropuncture diagnosis. Group 1 patients received manual therapy (MT) and point massage (PM); group 2 patients received MT, PM and bioresonance therapy (BRT). The treatment took 5-6 weeks.

Gogoleva, E. F.


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