Publication Title: 
Oncology Reports

Ophiopogonin B (OP-B) is a bioactive component of Radix Ophiopogon Japonicus, which is often used in Chinese traditional medicine to treat pulmonary disease. However, whether or not OP-B has any potential antitumor activity has not been reported. Here, we show that the non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cell lines NCI-H157 and NCI-H460 treated with OP-B grow more slowly and accumulate vacuoles in their cytoplasm compared to untreated control cells. Flow cytometric analysis showed that the cells were arrested in G0/G1 phase.

Chen, Meijuan
Du, Yuhong
Qui, Min
Wang, Mingyan
Chen, Kejun
Huang, Zhenzhou
Jiang, Miao
Xiong, Fei
Chen, Jianping
Zhou, Jing
Jiang, Fengrong
Yin, Lian
Tang, Yuping
Ye, Lihong
Zhan, Zhen
Duan, Jin-Αo
Fu, Hai-Αn
Zhang, Xu
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