Sulfur Compounds

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Explore (New York, N.Y.)

Zeel comp. N (Zeel) is a homeopathic medication that has been widely used for many years for the treatment of arthritic disorders in a large number of countries worldwide. In recent years, a growing body of clinical and molecular evidence has been accumulating that shed light on the possible antiarthritic effects of this preparation. A number of studies report anti-inflammatory effects from Zeel.

Birnesser, Heinz
Stolt, Pelle
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Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

In support of a new clinical trial designed to compare the effects of crushed fresh garlic and two types of garlic supplement tablets (enteric-coated dried fresh garlic and dried aged garlic extract) on serum lipids, the three garlic products have been characterized for (a) composition (14 sulfur and 2 non-sulfur compounds), (b) stability of suspected active compounds, and (c) availability of allyl thiosulfinates (mainly allicin) under both simulated gastrointestinal (tablet dissolution) conditions and in vivo.

Lawson, Larry D.
Gardner, Christopher D.
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