Surgical Wound Infection

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Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety

BACKGROUND: For Ascension Health's Healthcare That Is Safe strategy, Sacred Heart Hospital (SHH) and Columbia St. Mary's (CSM) served as alpha sites to develop strategies to eliminate perioperative adverse events (POAEs). The alpha sites set an interim goal of a 50% reduction of POAEs, then 100%, or elimination of POAEs by July 2008.

Ewing, Hella
Bruder, Greg
Baroco, Paul
Hill, Maria
Sparkman, Lora P.
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Neurocirugía (Asturias, Spain)

We present a case of recurrent subdural post-surgical empyema by Proprionibacterium acnes after a first drained empyema in which no microbiological diagnosis was reached. P. acnes is a gram-positive anaerobic organism which is part of the saprophytic flora of the skin and others parts of the body. However, it can cause infections, as in the central nervous system, especially post-surgical infections in which can be the second more frequent organism after Staphylococcus aureus. P. acnes grows slowly and shows better growth in liquid anaerobic media.

Romero-Pizarro, Y.
Muñoz-Algarra, M.
Fernández-Mateos, C.
Sánchez-Romero, I.
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Oral Diseases

OBJECTIVE: Keratocystic odontogenic tumors (KOTs) can be treated with Carnoy's solution, although this treatment modality is not free from complications. It is important to verify the incidence of complications after the use of Carnoy's solution and compare these with the literature. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This study verified the effects of a complementary treatment for KOTs and assessed the incidence of such complications as recurrence, infection, sequestrum formation, mandibular fracture, dehiscence, and neuropathy.

Ribeiro Junior, O.
Borba, A. M.
Alves, C. a. F.
de Gouveia, M. M.
Coracin, F. L.
Guimarães Júnior, J.
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