Suture Techniques

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Zentralblatt Fur Gynakologie

The authors have submitted a modified technique by which to treat severe cervical insufficiency in gynaecological practice, outside pregnancy. The technique may be used with generosity, since no particular technical problems are involved, and complications are ruled which may otherwise occur, when surgery is applied during pregnancy.

Elzov-Strelkov, V. I.
Smirnova, T. V.
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Binocular Vision & Strabismus Quarterly

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Studies support techniques of intraoperative adjustment under general anesthesia, of eye muscle surgery, based upon the rest position (deviation) to improve surgical results. None, however, have examined the (a)symmetry, per se, of the rest position and its influence on surgical outcomes. METHODS: Retrospective/prospective patient chart data and photographs taken of patients under anesthesia were judged for (a)symmetry of deviation and correlated with (a)symmetry of surgery performed on 51 exotropic patients.

Castelbuono, A. C.
White, J. E.
Guyton, D. L.
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Vestnik Khirurgii Imeni I. I. Grekova

An experience with functional and physical and physical therapy employed postoperatively in 525 patients with injuries of 752 digital flexor tendons is reported. A primary suture on flexor tendons after the V.I. Rozov technic within the boundaries of the synovial-aponeurotic sheath was put on 252 fingers in 183 patients. Homoplasty of digital flexor tendons was performed in 342 patients (500 fingers), terms of the injury being from 2 months to 15 years.

Kornilov, N. V.
Gol'dblat, V. I.
Iur'ev, P. V.
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