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Mammalian Genome: Official Journal of the International Mammalian Genome Society

Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) results from loss of function of a 1.0- to 1.5-Mb domain of imprinted, paternally expressed genes in human Chromosome (Chr) 15q11-q13. The loss of imprinted gene expression in the homologous region in mouse Chr 7C leads to a similar neonatal PWS phenotype. Several protein-coding genes in the human PWS region are intronless, possibly arising by retrotransposition. Here we present evidence for continued acquisition of genes by the mouse PWS region during evolution.

Chai, J. H.
Locke, D. P.
Ohta, T.
Greally, J. M.
Nicholls, R. D.
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Nature Communications

The role of intermediate methylation states in DNA is unclear. Here, to comprehensively identify regions of intermediate methylation and their quantitative relationship with gene activity, we apply integrative and comparative epigenomics to 25 human primary cell and tissue samples. We report 18,452 intermediate methylation regions located near 36% of genes and enriched at enhancers, exons and DNase I hypersensitivity sites.

Elliott, GiNell
Hong, Chibo
Xing, Xiaoyun
Zhou, Xin
Li, Daofeng
Coarfa, Cristian
Bell, Robert J. A.
Maire, Cecile L.
Ligon, Keith L.
Sigaroudinia, Mahvash
Gascard, Philippe
Tlsty, Thea D.
Harris, R. Alan
Schalkwyk, Leonard C.
Bilenky, Misha
Mill, Jonathan
Farnham, Peggy J.
Kellis, Manolis
Marra, Marco A.
Milosavljevic, Aleksandar
Hirst, Martin
Stormo, Gary D.
Wang, Ting
Costello, Joseph F.
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The human malaria parasite Plasmodium vivax is responsible for 25-40% of the approximately 515 million annual cases of malaria worldwide. Although seldom fatal, the parasite elicits severe and incapacitating clinical symptoms and often causes relapses months after a primary infection has cleared. Despite its importance as a major human pathogen, P. vivax is little studied because it cannot be propagated continuously in the laboratory except in non-human primates. We sequenced the genome of P.

Carlton, Jane M.
Adams, John H.
Silva, Joana C.
Bidwell, Shelby L.
Lorenzi, Hernan
Caler, Elisabet
Crabtree, Jonathan
Angiuoli, Samuel V.
Merino, Emilio F.
Amedeo, Paolo
Cheng, Qin
Coulson, Richard M. R.
Crabb, Brendan S.
Del Portillo, Hernando A.
Essien, Kobby
Feldblyum, Tamara V.
Fernandez-Becerra, Carmen
Gilson, Paul R.
Gueye, Amy H.
Guo, Xiang
Kang'a, Simon
Kooij, Taco W. A.
Korsinczky, Michael
Meyer, Esmeralda V.-S.
Nene, Vish
Paulsen, Ian
White, Owen
Ralph, Stuart A.
Ren, Qinghu
Sargeant, Tobias J.
Salzberg, Steven L.
Stoeckert, Christian J.
Sullivan, Steven A.
Yamamoto, Marcio M.
Hoffman, Stephen L.
Wortman, Jennifer R.
Gardner, Malcolm J.
Galinski, Mary R.
Barnwell, John W.
Fraser-Liggett, Claire M.
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