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BACKGROUND: While maternal nutrition during pregnancy is known to play a critical role in the health of both mother and offspring, the magnitude of this association has only recently been realized. Novel, epigenetic data suggest that maternal dietary intake has permanent phenotypic consequences for offspring, highlighting the potency of antenatal diet. To date, the relationship between poor antenatal diet and maternal mental health specifically, remains poorly understood.

Baskin, Rachel
Hill, Briony
Jacka, Felice N.
O'Neil, Adrienne
Skouteris, Helen
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International Journal of Cardiology

Depression and anxiety are well-known to be associated with adverse health outcomes in cardiac patients. However, there has been less work synthesizing the effects of positive psychological constructs (e.g., optimism) on health-related outcomes in cardiac patients. We completed a systematic review of prospective observational studies using established guidelines. A search of PubMed and PsycINFO databases from inception to January 2014 was used to identify articles.

Dubois, Christina M.
Lopez, Oriana Vesga
Beale, Eleanor E.
Healy, Brian C.
Boehm, Julia K.
Huffman, Jeff C.
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Transplant International: Official Journal of the European Society for Organ Transplantation

Living-donor kidney and liver transplantation intend to improve pediatric recipients' psychosocial well-being, but psychosocial impact in recipients strongly depends upon the impact on the donor and the quality of family relations. We systematically reviewed quantitative and qualitative studies addressing the psychosocial impact of pediatric living-donor kidney and liver transplantation in recipients, donors, and the family. In accordance with the PRISMA guidelines, we systematically searched the databases Medline, Web of Knowledge, Cinahl, Embase, ERIC, and Google Scholar.

Thys, Kristof
Schwering, Karl-Leo
Siebelink, Marion
Dobbels, Fabienne
Borry, Pascal
Schotsmans, Paul
Aujoulat, Isabelle
ELPAT Pediatric Organ Donation and Transplantation Working Group


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