Task Performance and Analysis

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Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology

This article presents a systematic review of the literature examining the relationship between self-talk and performance. "Second-generation questions" regarding potential mediators and moderators of the self-talk-performance relationship were also examined. A total of 47 studies were analyzed. Results indicated beneficial effects of positive, instructional, and motivational self-talk for performance. Somewhat surprisingly, two evidence-based challenges to popular current viewpoints on self-talk emerged. First, negative self-talk did not impede performance.

Tod, David
Hardy, James
Oliver, Emily
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Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports

The importance of psychological skills training (PST) in the development of athletic performance is widely recognized. This paper is a comprehensive review of PST in elite sports, with a special focus on high-intensity sports (HIS). The reviewed literature showed a lack of convincing evidence and theoretical underpinning concerning traditional psychological skills to enhance performance in HIS. Therefore, a model with three conceptual levels (psychological demands, skills and techniques) is presented.

Birrer, D.
Morgan, G.
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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

A series of experiments investigated why people value optimism and whether they are right to do so. In Experiments 1A and 1B, participants prescribed more optimism for someone implementing decisions than for someone deliberating, indicating that people prescribe optimism selectively, when it can affect performance. Furthermore, participants believed optimism improved outcomes when a person's actions had considerable, rather than little, influence over the outcome (Experiment 2).

Tenney, Elizabeth R.
Logg, Jennifer M.
Moore, Don A.
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Psychological Reports

Passionate love is associated with increased activity in dopamine-rich regions of the brain. Increased dopamine in these regions is associated with a greater tendency to learn from reward in trial-and-error learning tasks. This study examined the prediction that individuals who were newly in love would be better at responding to reward (positive feedback). In test trials, people who were newly in love selected positive outcomes significantly more often than their single (not in love) counterparts but were no better at the task overall.

Brown, Cassandra L.
Beninger, Richard J.
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BMC neuroscience

BACKGROUND: Parental use of love withdrawal is thought to affect children's later psychological functioning because it creates a link between children's performance and relational consequences. In addition, recent studies have begun to show that experiences of love withdrawal also relate to the neural processing of socio-emotional information relevant to a performance-relational consequence link, and can moderate effects of oxytocin on social information processing and behavior.

Huffmeijer, Renske
Bakermans-Kranenburg, Marian J.
Alink, Lenneke R. A.
van IJzendoorn, Marinus H.
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Anatomical Sciences Education

Professionalism is a core competency of medical training that requires students to develop the skills of providing and receiving feedback. Our study evaluated the effectiveness of delivering feedback in a group setting compared with an individual setting. The first-year class of Mayo medical students (n = 49) enrolled in gross anatomy (in dissection teams), completed weekly anonymous evaluations of themselves and their teammates regarding seven aspects of professionalism (altruism, compassion, respect, honesty/integrity, responsibility, commitment to excellence, and self-reflection).

Camp, Christopher L.
Gregory, Jeremy K.
Lachman, Nirusha
Chen, Laura P.
Juskewitch, Justin E.
Pawlina, Wojciech
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Journal of Dental Education

The purpose of this study was to produce a valid scale for use in measuring the values of dental students and practitioners--the lack of which has impeded research on professionalism in dentistry. Following standard scale development procedures, we had focus groups of dental practitioners (N=23) develop a ninety-nine-item pool of value terms related to dentistry. Next, Canadian dentists (N=449) rated the relevance of each item through an online survey. They also rated the values in a generic values measure, Schwartz's Values Scale.

Langille, Angela D.
Catano, Victor M.
Boran, Thomas L.
Cunningham, Donald P.
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Journal of Occupational Health Psychology

The present study aims to uncover the way daily job crafting influences daily job performance (i.e., task performance, altruism, and counterproductive work behavior). Job crafting was conceptualized as "seeking resources," "seeking challenges," and "reducing demands" and viewed as strategies individuals use to optimize their job characteristics. We hypothesized that daily job crafting relates to daily job demands and resources (work pressure and autonomy), which consequently relate to daily work engagement and exhaustion and ultimately to job performance.

Demerouti, Evangelia
Bakker, Arnold B.
Halbesleben, Jonathon R. B.
Publication Title: 
The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis
Bowers, K. S.
Brenneman, H. A.
Publication Title: 
Perceptual and Motor Skills

Detection efficiency of humans deteriorates rapidly in a variety of monotonous monitoring tasks. The experiment was performed to determine whether or not superior vigilance performance could be obtained through hypnosis in the context of perceptual deprivation. Subjects, forty U.S. Navy personnel, were divided into four groups. Subjects worked on a simulated radar target-detection task before and after one of four treatments.

Barabasz, A. F.


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