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Proceedings. AMIA Symposium

Information technology is being used to collect data directly from patients and to provide educational information to them. Concern over patient reactions to this use of information technology is especially important in light of the debate over whether computers dehumanize patients. This study reports reactions that patient users expressed in ethnographic interviews about using a computer-based telecommunications system.

Kaplan, B.
Farzanfar, R.
Friedman, R. H.
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Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews

Surprisingly little scientific research has been conducted on the topic of interpersonal touch over the years, despite the importance of touch in our everyday social interactions from birth through to adulthood and old age. In this review, we critically evaluate the results of the research on this topic that have emerged from disciplines, such as cognitive and social psychology, neuroscience, and cultural anthropology.

Gallace, Alberto
Spence, Charles
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Malaria Journal

OBJECTIVES: To identify and implement strategies that help meet safety monitoring requirements in the context of an observational study for artemether-lumefantrine (AL) administered as first-line treatment for uncomplicated malaria in rural Tanzania. METHODS: Pharmacovigilance procedures were developed through collaboration between the investigating bodies, the relevant regulatory authority and the manufacturer of AL.

Kabanywanyi, Abdunoor M.
Mulure, Nathan
Migoha, Christopher
Malila, Aggrey
Lengeler, Christian
Schlienger, Raymond
Genton, Blaise
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Malaria Journal

BACKGROUND: Maintaining adequate supplies of anti-malarial medicines at the health facility level in rural sub-Saharan Africa is a major barrier to effective management of the disease. Lack of visibility of anti-malarial stock levels at the health facility level is an important contributor to this problem. METHODS: A 21-week pilot study, 'SMS for Life', was undertaken during 2009-2010 in three districts of rural Tanzania, involving 129 health facilities.

Barrington, Jim
Wereko-Brobby, Olympia
Ward, Peter
Mwafongo, Winfred
Kungulwe, Seif
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