Testosterone Propionate

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Cancer Research

Androgen-dependent human LNCaP 104-S tumor xenografts progressed to androgen-independent relapsed tumors (104-Rrel) in athymic mice after castration. The growth of 104-Rrel tumors was suppressed by testosterone. However, 104-Rrel tumors adapted to androgen and regrew as androgen-stimulated 104-Radp tumors. Androgen receptor expression in tumors and serum prostate-specific antigen increased during progression from 104-S to 104-Rrel but decreased during transition from 104-Rrel to 104-Radp. Expression of genes related to liver X receptor (LXR) signaling changed during progression.

Chuu, Chih-Pin
Hiipakka, Richard A.
Kokontis, John M.
Fukuchi, Junichi
Chen, Rou-Yu
Liao, Shutsung
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Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao = Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To explore the effects of Bushen Huayu Qutan Recipe (BHQR), a compound traditional Chinese herbal medicine, on local ovarian factors in androgen-sterilized rats (ASR). METHODS: One hundred and five 9-day-old SD rats were randomly divided into normal control group (15 rats) and ASR group (90 rats). ASR was induced by subcutaneous injection of testosterone propionate, and the rat model of ASR was established successfully in 30 rats in the ASR group. Thirty ASR rats were randomly divided into untreated group and BHQR-treated group. There were 15 rats in each group.

Wang, Zhen-zhi
Yu, Chao-qin
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