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Thrombosis Et Diathesis Haemorrhagica

Various parameters of the coagulation system have been monitored in patients with Christmas disease following the infusion of clotting factor concentrates. Significant reduction of clotting factor VIII and serum antithrombin III were observed in each of the five studies, whilst the plasma fibrinogen level fell in four subjects. The induced abnormalities were shortlived and there were no clinical sequelae. Further studies are required to assess the effects of similar concentrates in patients with liver disease.

Preston, F. E.
Winfield, D. A.
Malia, R. G.
Blackburn, E. K.
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Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety

BACKGROUND: For Ascension Health's Healthcare That Is Safe strategy, Sacred Heart Hospital (SHH) and Columbia St. Mary's (CSM) served as alpha sites to develop strategies to eliminate perioperative adverse events (POAEs). The alpha sites set an interim goal of a 50% reduction of POAEs, then 100%, or elimination of POAEs by July 2008.

Ewing, Hella
Bruder, Greg
Baroco, Paul
Hill, Maria
Sparkman, Lora P.
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Nordisk Medicin
H|oeg, N.
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