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Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology

PURPOSE: Chemoneuropathy remains a painful, burdensome complication of cancer treatment for patients receiving a range of chemotherapeutics, yet the cause and persistence of this condition are not fully documented. This study was designed to quantify the longevity of and contributions to neuropathy following treatment with the plant alkaloids paclitaxel and vincristine.

Boyette-Davis, Jessica A.
Cata, Juan P.
Driver, Larry C.
Novy, Diane M.
Bruel, Brian M.
Mooring, Deidre L.
Wendelschafer-Crabb, Gwen
Kennedy, William R.
Dougherty, Patrick M.
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Psychological Medicine

BACKGROUND: Mothers' self-reported stroking of their infants over the first weeks of life modifies the association between prenatal depression and physiological and emotional reactivity at 7 months, consistent with animal studies of the effects of tactile stimulation. We now investigate whether the effects of maternal stroking persist to 2.5 years. Given animal and human evidence for sex differences in the effects of prenatal stress we compare associations in boys and girls.

Sharp, H.
Hill, J.
Hellier, J.
Pickles, A.
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Women & Health

Elderly women have normal romantic and sexual fantasies. Bodies age but dreams and feelings may remain forever young. That is every person's privilege at any age. Intimacy is a joy that has many levels, only one of which is sexual but all aspects are open to aware older women who refuse to be disenfranchised by our commercial emphasis on youth. Older women continue to care and to share, they also recognize the barriers to, the benefits of, and the lasting ways to attain closeness into late age.

Renshaw, D. C.
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Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. Supplementum

Out of a consideration of the relevance of interpersonal physical contact to mental health is developed the hypothesis that unsatisfactory physical contact experience predisposes to depression. This hypothesis is then systematically explored using self-ratings of depression and physical contact (and love) experience obtained on admission and at discharge from 254 unselected psychiatric in-patients.

Cochrane, N.
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Neonatal network: NN

PURPOSE: To investigate the development of feelings of attachment between fathers and their preterm infants and to identify factors that help or hinder this process. DESIGN: A longitudinal descriptive design was used to obtain fathers' perceptions of their infants, feelings for their infants, and other related factors. SAMPLE: A convenience sample of 27 fathers of preterm infants was recruited. MAIN OUTCOME VARIABLE: The main outcome variable was the time at which fathers first held their infants.

Sullivan, J. R.
Publication Title: 
The Journal of Social Psychology

The author extended the proposition (V. J. Derlega, R. J. Lewis, S. Harrison, B. A. Winstead, & R. Costanza, 1989) that the fear of being seen as homosexual accounts for the common finding that U.S. women engage in more same-sex touch than do U.S. men. The author proposed a theoretic model positing that the magnitude of homophobia's influence on behavior and on reactions to behavior is proportional to the likelihood that the behavior is sexual in nature.

Floyd, K.
Publication Title: 
Nursing Administration Quarterly

This manuscript offers a new view of old and timeless values: the essential ethic of love, informed by contemporary European philosophies, and caring theory, as well as ancient poetry and wisdom traditions. It integrates some of the philosophical views of Levinas and Logstrup with Watson's Transpersonal Caring Theory.

Watson, Jean
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Early Human Development

The developmental trajectories of specific forms of maternal touch during natural caregiving were examined across the first year in relation to the development of mother-infant reciprocal communication. One hundred and thirty-one mothers and infants in four groups aged 3, 6, 9, and 12 months were observed in a cross-sectional design at home during natural caregiving and mother-child play sessions. Microanalytic coding of the caregiving sessions considered nine forms of maternal touch, which were aggregated into three global touch categories: affectionate, stimulating, and instrumental.

Ferber, Sari Goldstein
Feldman, Ruth
Makhoul, Imad R.
Publication Title: 
Psychological Reports

This study developed scales for Chapman's five expressions of love: quality time, receiving gifts, words of affirmation, physical touch, and acts of service (two dimensions). A total of 338 student respondents were surveyed resulting in 321 usable surveys (95%). Of this total, 177 were women and 144 men, with a median age of 24 yr.

Goff, Brent G.
Goddard, H. Wallace
Pointer, Lucille
Jackson, Gary Brian
Publication Title: 
Explore (New York, N.Y.)

OBJECTIVE: Compassion is critical for complementary and conventional care, but little is known about its direct physiologic effects. This study tested the feasibility of delivering two lengths of time (10 and 20 minutes) and two strategies (tactile and nontactile) for a practitioner to nonverbally communicate compassion to subjects who were blind to the interventions. METHODS: Healthy volunteers were informed that we were testing the effects of time and touch on the autonomic nervous system.

Shaltout, Hossam A.
Tooze, Janet A.
Rosenberger, Erica
Kemper, Kathi J.


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