traumatic stress

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Several studies have reported an association between traumatic stress and telomere length suggesting that traumatic stress has an impact on ageing at the cellular level. A newly derived tool provides an additional means to investigate cellular ageing by estimating epigenetic age based on DNA methylation profiles. We therefore hypothesise that in a longitudinal study of traumatic stress both indicators of cellular ageing will show increased ageing.

Boks, Marco P.
van Mierlo, Hans C.
Rutten, Bart P. F.
Radstake, Timothy R. D. J.
De Witte, Lot
Geuze, Elbert
Horvath, Steve
Schalkwyk, Leonard C.
Vinkers, Christiaan H.
Broen, Jasper C. A.
Vermetten, Eric
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Animal studies have identified persistent and functional effects of traumatic stress on the epigenome. This review discusses the clinical evidence for trauma-induced changes in DNA methylation across the life span in humans. Studies are reviewed based on reports of trauma exposure during the prenatal period (13 studies), early life (20 studies), and adulthood (ten studies). Even though it is apparent that traumatic stress influences the human epigenome, there are significant drawbacks in the existing human literature.

Vinkers, Christiaan H.
Kalafateli, Aimilia Lydia
Rutten, Bart P. F.
Kas, Martien J.
Kaminsky, Zachary
Turner, Jonathan D.
Boks, Marco P. M.
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