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Journal of Advanced Nursing

AIMS: The aim of this study was to describe the nurse-patient relationships and to study how caring behaviours were described. The review question was: What factors influence the caring relationship between a nurse and patient? BACKGROUND: There is a growing perception that nurses fail to provide compassionate and competent care. Policy documents prescribe compassion as an essential aspect of care; however, the evidence drawn on remains unclear and without clear applications to practice.

Wiechula, Rick
Conroy, Tiffany
Kitson, Alison L.
Marshall, Rhianon J.
Whitaker, Nancy
Rasmussen, Philippa
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Explore (New York, N.Y.)

CONTEXT: Although acupuncture and homeopathy both have a theoretical background that refers to immaterial forces difficult to verify, they are nevertheless used and accepted as effective treatments by many individuals. OBJECTIVE: We intended to investigate whether and how users of acupuncture and homeopathy differ with respect to sociodemographic data, adaptive coping strategies, and attitudes toward complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

Büssing, Arndt
Ostermann, Thomas
Raak, Christa
Matthiessen, Peter F.
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Health Progress (Saint Louis, Mo.)

Ascension Health has asked all of its health care ministries to promote spirituality in the workplace. St. Mary's Health System, Evansville, IN, responded to this request with several initiatives, including the development, facilitation, and implementation of a new model for what St. Mary's calls its "Employee Renewal Day." Revamped from a voluntary unpaid day to a paid day on which participation is strongly encouraged, Employee Renewal Day 2004 focused on fellowship, relaxation, and the history and heritage of St. Mary's and its sponsor.

Sister Betty Anne Darch, null
Newsmaster, Pamela
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Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences

BACKGROUND: Diabetes continuously disrupts a patient's well-being and quality of life. Successful self-care could potentially decrease overall costs and rates of mortality and morbidity. Patients' experiences could be used to elucidate what they believe about illness and its management. The overall aim of this study was to illuminate the meaning of self-care among diabetic patients in Southeast of Iran. METHODS: Sixteen diabetic patients with a mean age of 34 and 10 years' experience in self-care for their disease were interviewed.

Azizzadeh Forouzi, M.
Tirgari, Batool
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JAMA oncology

IMPORTANCE: Information regarding treatment options and prognosis is essential for patient decision making. Patient perception of physicians as being less compassionate when they deliver bad news might be a contributor to physicians' reluctance in delivering these types of communication.

Tanco, Kimberson
Rhondali, Wadih
Perez-Cruz, Pedro
Tanzi, Silvia
Chisholm, Gary B.
Baile, Walter
Frisbee-Hume, Susan
Williams, Janet
Masino, Charles
Cantu, Hilda
Sisson, Amy
Arthur, Joseph
Bruera, Eduardo
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The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy

Physicians often appear more troubled by moral dilemmas than would seem justified given the present social and professional consensus on many of the questions involved. Their discomfort arises not only at ethical, technical, and behavioral levels (the most commonly identified sources of difficulty), but also at an existential level, that is, as the manifestation of conflicts rooted in the processes and conditions of our coming-to-be as persons.

Barnard, D.
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Christian Bioethics

This paper presents my personal convictions, as an Evangelical, regarding the absolute impropriety of doctor-assisted suicide for Christians. They have been "bought with a price" and are owned by Another. Hence, they must always strive to glorify God in their bodies, both in life and in death.

Amundsen, Darrel W.
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Journal of Sex Research

This investigation focused on how sexual satisfaction is associated with relationship quality and stability in premarital couples. With data collected at multiple times over several years from a sample of heterosexual couples (who were all dating at Time 1), we examined how sexual satisfaction was associated with relationship satisfaction, love, commitment, and stability. At each wave of the study, sexual satisfaction was associated positively with relationship satisfaction, love, and commitment for both men and women.

Sprecher, Susan
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Gesundheitswesen (Bundesverband Der Arzte Des Offentlichen Gesundheitsdienstes (Germany))

BACKGROUND: Sexual activities in the elderly were considered as a taboo for a long time. Therefore only few empirical results exist regarding sexuality in higher age. This paper presents results of interviews with persons at the age of 60 years or older regarding their sexual activities and aspects of eroticism. PARTICIPANTS AND METHODS: N = 728 persons at the age of 60 years or older were interviewed by means of structured interviews and questionnaires.

Gunzelmann, T.
Rusch, B.-D.
Br‰hler, E.
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Research in Nursing & Health

The purpose of this analysis was to examine whether nurses' listening behavior, especially the coordination of their nonverbal involvement activities with those of their patients, communicates information about patient-nurse relationships. Participants were 126 college women who responded to a 30-item instrument measuring relational information that was communicated to them by nurses' behavior in videotaped segments of interactions between a patient/actress and 12 nurses. Participants' responses to two consecutive interaction segments were selected for this analysis.

Gilbert, Dorothy Ann


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