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The New England Journal of Medicine

Comparisons between the United Kingdom and the United States reveal definite differences in the style and content of primary medical practice. In the United States emphasis is on diagnosis. In the United Kingdom emphasis is on continuity and homebased care supported by a nationwide network of paramedical and social services. In both countries more is known about what discontents physicians than what satisfies patients.

Robinson, D.
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Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

OBJECTIVES: A lack of compassion in UK healthcare settings has received much recent attention. This study explores the experiences of people with dementia in the last year of life and time surrounding death and how the presence and lack of compassion, kindness and humanity influenced the experience of care. DESIGN: Qualitative in-depth interviews with bereaved informal carers of people with dementia. SETTING: United Kingdom. PARTICIPANTS: Forty bereaved carers - 31 women and nine men - with an age range of 18-86 years and from wide socioeconomic backgrounds participated.

Crowther, Jacqueline
Wilson, Kenneth C. M.
Horton, Siobhan
Lloyd-Williams, Mari
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Acute Medicine

The purpose of clinical training is to develop doctors capable of delivering professional, personal, effective, high quality, safe clinical care with Intelligent Kindness. The processes supporting training must promote development towards excellence. In 2004 a formative assessment process for use on medical post take ward rounds was introduced based on a model of a Driving Instructor and Learner Driver. This process has been evaluated in comparison with the Case based Discussion (CbD) and mini-Cex by 140 of 369 trainees, using online surveys. Ten trainees were interviewed in depth.

Caldwell, G.
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Nursing Standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great Britain): 1987)

The Stop, Breathe & Think app is free, thanks to underwriting from Tools for Peace, the non-profit organisation that teaches people of all ages how to develop and apply kindness and compassion in their daily lives.

Shaw, Natalie
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Evolutionary Psychology: An International Journal of Evolutionary Approaches to Psychology and Behavior

This analysis of previously collected data examined four fitness-relevant issues for their possible role in marital conflict. These were sex, finances, division of labor, and raising children, selected in light of their pertinence to sex differences in reproductive strategies. Over 2,000 couples in five diverse cultures were studied. Marital conflict was assessed by the Problems with Partner scale, which was previously shown to demonstrate measurement invariance across cultures and genders. All four issues were significantly related to perceived marital problems in almost all cases.

Dillon, Lisa M.
Nowak, Nicole
Weisfeld, Glenn E.
Weisfeld, Carol C.
Shattuck, Kraig S.
Imamo?lu, Olcay E.
Butovskaya, Marina
Shen, Jiliang
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Medical Humanities

The Francis Report, the result of a UK public inquiry into ongoing mistreatment of patients at a large teaching hospital, revealed deep-rooted flaws in care delivery and professional performance. It led to regulatory review, policy initiatives and public outcry. To this point, it has not led to any extended or focused discussion on the sustenance or well-being of nurses so that we might avoid it happening again. This paper emerges from the writing and publication of a novel called Stranger Than Kindness and a subsequent PhD.

Radcliffe, Mark
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Lancet (London, England)

In a random sample of 262 deaths, 21% of the patients lived alone and a quarter of the caring relatives were over 70 years old. The difficulties of the relatives were more often a cause for hospital admission than those of the patients. Health professionals and relatives differed considerably in their assessment of the same case. 24% of relatives were especially grateful to their general practitioners but 37% were critical. The uncaring attitude of the hospitals was criticised by 27% of the relatives, although hospital nurses were the most praised of all professionals.

Wilkes, E.
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Medical Engineering & Physics

So, to summarize: my themes in this lecture have been: 1. Bioengineering is a many-splendoured thing. 2. There are few differences in principle between scientists and engineers, and they need to work together and respect one another's special contribution. 3. The Department of Health has done much to enhance your career structure and prospects recently; now you have to help us to polish your image even further. 4.

Woodford, F. P.
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Journal of Health Psychology

Research has shown that transplantation improves quality of life for patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD), although it does not return to pre-kidney failure levels. This study used focus groups to explore the experience of living with a transplanted kidney. The data were analysed, using thematic analysis, and the following themes were identified: medicalization; fear; gratitude; and coping.

Orr, Anne
Willis, Susan
Holmes, Michael
Britton, Peter
Orr, David
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Journal of Religion and Health

This article will address the devastating psychological and social effects due to the loss of one's primary love-object, namely God in the case of faith communities and religious individuals. By using Melanie Klein's Object Relations Theory (Klein in Envy and gratitude and other works 1946/1963. The Free Press, New York, 1975a) as a way to enter the text of Lamentations, I will articulate an alternative reading that can serve as a model for Pastors and Educators to use when walking with individuals and communities through unspeakable losses.

Houck-Loomis, Tiffany


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