Unnecessary Procedures

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Journal of Cardiology

BACKGROUND: Syncope is one of the most common reasons for emergency department and urgent care clinic visits. The management of syncope continues to be a challenging problem for front-line providers inasmuch as there are a multitude of possible causes for syncope ranging from relatively benign conditions to potentially life-threatening ones. In any event, it is important to identify those syncope patients who are at immediate risk of life-threatening events; these individuals require prompt hospitalization and thorough evaluation.

Puppala, Venkata Krishna
Dickinson, Oana
Benditt, David G.
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Best Practice & Research. Clinical Anaesthesiology

Individuals have different values. They seek to express their individuality even when receiving medical care. It is a part of modern medical practice and respect for patient autonomy to show respect for different values. We give an account of what it means to respect different values and challenging patients in medical practice. Challenging choices are often choices which are perceived by many to be either irrational or against a person's interests, such as engaging in harmful or excessively risky activities.

Ward, Michael
Savulescu, Julian
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CONTEXT: Improving the accuracy of malaria diagnosis with rapid antigen-detection diagnostic tests (RDTs) has been proposed as an approach for reducing overtreatment of malaria in the current era of widespread implementation of artemisinin-based combination therapy in sub-Saharan Africa. OBJECTIVE: To assess the association between use of microscopy and RDT and the prescription of antimalarials.

Hamer, Davidson H.
Ndhlovu, Micky
Zurovac, Dejan
Fox, Matthew
Yeboah-Antwi, Kojo
Chanda, Pascalina
Sipilinyambe, Naawa
Simon, Jonathon L.
Snow, Robert W.
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