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Social Science & Medicine (1982)

Some researchers in the field of ageing claim that significant extension of the human lifespan will be possible in the near future. While many of these researchers have assumed that the community will welcome this technology, there has been very little research on community attitudes to life extension. This paper presents the results of an in-depth qualitative study of community attitudes to life extension across age groups and religious boundaries.

Underwood, Mair
Bartlett, Helen P.
Partridge, Brad
Lucke, Jayne
Hall, Wayne D.
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American Journal of Public Health

OBJECTIVES: We investigated the characteristics of the oldest old in China and examined whether the factors associated with longevity varied with advanced age. METHODS: Drawing from the largest nationally representative longitudinal sample of oldest-old adults, we stratified descriptive statistics separately by gender and urban-rural residence and then used ordered logit models to examine the multivariate factors associated with increasing age-group membership.

Dupre, Matthew E.
Liu, Guangya
Gu, Danan
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American Journal of Human Biology: The Official Journal of the Human Biology Council

Frontier populations provide exceptional opportunities to test the hypothesis of a trade-off between fertility and longevity. In such populations, mechanisms favoring reproduction usually find fertile ground, and if these mechanisms reduce longevity, demographers should observe higher postreproductive mortality among highly fertile women.

Gagnon, Alain
Smith, Ken R.
Tremblay, Marc
VÈzina, HÈlËne
ParÈ, Paul-Philippe
Desjardins, Bertrand
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European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Data from several studies are presented which suggest that the traditional Greek diet still exists in several parts of Greece and several segments of the population. The most profound changes in dietary intakes in recent years concern the increase in the consumption of meat and the decrease in the consumption of pulses.

Trichopoulou, A.
Katsouyanni, K.
Gnardellis, C.
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Sozial- Und Pr‰ventivmedizin

OBJECTIVES: Several studies have identified negative health lifestyles as a primary determinant of the mortality crisis in Europe's post-communist states, but little is known about Ukraine. In order to address this gap in the literature, this paper provides data on Ukrainian health lifestyles. METHODS: Data were collected by face-to-face interviews in the households (N = 2 400) of a random sample of respondents in Ukraine in November, 2001. The sample was selected using multi-stage random sampling with stratification by region and area (urban/rural).

Cockerham, William C.
Hinote, Brian P.
Abbott, Pamela
Haerpfer, Christian
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Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

BACKGROUND: Nutrition and physical activity are major determinants of health and quality of life; however, there exists little research focusing on determinants of these behaviours in older adults. This is important, since just as these behaviours vary according to subpopulation, it is likely that the determinants also vary.

McNaughton, Sarah A.
Crawford, David
Ball, Kylie
Salmon, Jo
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International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health

INTRODUCTION: The article presents a selected part of an analysis of health- and lifestyle-related determinants of the longevity of male residents of the city of ?Ûd?. The WHO strategy for the European region assumes that the term' lifestyle' refers to the way of life based on the association between conditions of life understood in a broad sense and individual patterns of behaviour determined by socio-cultural factors and individual features.

Smigielski, Janusz
Bielecki, Wojciech
Drygas, Wojciech
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Biodemography and Social Biology

Low socioeconomic position (SEP) has previously been linked to a number of negative health indicators, including poor mental health. The biologic mechanisms linking SEP and mental health remain poorly understood. Recent work suggests that social exposures influence DNA methylation in a manner salient to mental health. We conducted a pilot investigation to assess whether SEP, measured as educational attainment, modifies the association between genomic methylation profiles and traumatic stress in a trauma-exposed sample.

Uddin, Monica
Galea, Sandro
Chang, Shun Chiao
Koenen, Karestan C.
Goldmann, Emily
Wildman, Derek E.
Aiello, Allison E.
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Genome Biology

BACKGROUND: Chronic psychological stress is associated with accelerated aging and increased risk for aging-related diseases, but the underlying molecular mechanisms are unclear. RESULTS: We examined the effect of lifetime stressors on a DNA methylation-based age predictor, epigenetic clock. After controlling for blood cell-type composition and lifestyle parameters, cumulative lifetime stress, but not childhood maltreatment or current stress alone, predicted accelerated epigenetic aging in an urban, African American cohort (n?=?392).

Zannas, Anthony S.
Arloth, Janine
Carrillo-Roa, Tania
Iurato, Stella
Rˆh, Simone
Ressler, Kerry J.
Nemeroff, Charles B.
Smith, Alicia K.
Bradley, Bekh
Heim, Christine
Menke, Andreas
Lange, Jennifer F.
Br¸ckl, Tanja
Ising, Marcus
Wray, Naomi R.
Erhardt, Angelika
Binder, Elisabeth B.
Mehta, Divya
Publication Title: 
The Journal of School Nursing: The Official Publication of the National Association of School Nurses

The purpose of this article is to outline the process, content, and evaluation of a 14-week health education program for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in an inner city Catholic grade school who are at risk for multiple health problems. The process includes a needs assessment with findings, followed by construction of an age-appropriate program. A content outline displays the topics and information presented to the students. In conclusion, an evaluation presents the results and effectiveness of the program.

Legg, Katherine
Grigoriev, Lana


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