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Journal of Advanced Nursing

BACKGROUND: Diabetes constitutes a global public health problem. Today about 135 million people are affected and it is estimated that the number in 2025 will be 300 million. AIMS: By reviewing existing literature the aim is to raise awareness among nurses, nurse educators and nursing students of the global epidemic of diabetes mellitus, its multiple underlying causes, especially social ones, and how to fight it. A further aim is to discuss the implications for future curriculum content in nurse education programmes.

Hjelm, Katarina
Mufunda, Esther
Nambozi, Grace
Kemp, Joan
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Swiss Medical Weekly

The World Health Organization (WHO) assigns high priority to the prevention of non-communicable age-related diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and chronic lower respiratory diseases. They are now the leading causes of death, in both industrialised and developing countries, mostly due to increased life expectancy and urbanisation with associated changes in lifestyle and environment. Tobacco smoking, physical inactivity and resulting obesity are established risk factors for many chronic diseases.

Probst-Hensch, N. M.
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Journal of Physiological Anthropology

Famed microbiologist RenÈ J. Dubos (1901-1982) was an early pioneer in the developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD) construct. In the 1960s, he conducted groundbreaking experimental research concerning the ways in which early-life experience with nutrition, microbiota, stress, and other environmental variables could influence later-life health outcomes.

Logan, Alan C.
Katzman, Martin A.
Balanz·-MartÌnez, Vicent
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Clinical and Experimental Immunology

The immune system evolved to require input from at least three sources that we collectively term the 'old friends': (i) the commensal microbiotas transmitted by mothers and other family members; (ii) organisms from the natural environment that modulate and diversify the commensal microbiotas; and (iii) the 'old' infections that could persist in small isolated hunter-gatherer groups as relatively harmless subclinical infections or carrier states. These categories of organism had to be tolerated and co-evolved roles in the development and regulation of the immune system.

Rook, G. a. W.
Raison, C. L.
Lowry, C. A.
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Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao = The Journal of Applied Ecology / Zhongguo Sheng Tai Xue Xue Hui, Zhongguo Ke Xue Yuan Shenyang Ying Yong Sheng Tai Yan Jiu Suo Zhu Ban

Based on the GIS software platform, referring to the China 'Terrestrial ecosystem services per unit area value', and by using transition matrix, Costanza evaluation formula, and sensitivity analysis, this paper studied the change characteristics of land use and ecosystem services value in Ji' nan City in 1989-2009. During the study period, the built-up area in the City increased by 99.65 km2, while agriculture land and green space reduced by 103.21 km2, 90.4% of which was taken by the built-up land.

Liu, Jin-Yong
Kong, Fan-Hua
Yin, Hai-Wei
Yan, Wei-Jiao
Sun, Chang-Feng
Xu, Feng
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