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BACKGROUND: Nuclear factor-?B (NF-?B) signaling plays critical roles in physiological and pathological processes such as responses to inflammation and oxidative stress. METHODS AND RESULTS: To examine the role of endothelial NF-?B signaling in vivo, we generated transgenic mice expressing dominant-negative I?B under the Tie2 promoter/enhancer (E-DNI?B mice). These mice exhibited functional inhibition of NF-?B signaling specifically in endothelial cells.

Hasegawa, Yutaka
Saito, Tokuo
Ogihara, Takehide
Ishigaki, Yasushi
Yamada, Tetsuya
Imai, Junta
Uno, Kenji
Gao, Junhong
Kaneko, Keizo
Shimosawa, Tatsuo
Asano, Tomoichiro
Fujita, Toshiro
Oka, Yoshitomo
Katagiri, Hideki
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The Journals of Gerontology. Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences

Aging promotes oxidative stress in vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells, which contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases. NF-E2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) is a transcription factor, which is activated by reactive oxygen species in the vasculature of young animals, leading to adaptive upregulation of numerous reactive oxygen species detoxifying and antioxidant genes. The present study was designed to elucidate age-associated changes in the homeostatic role of Nrf2-driven free radical detoxification mechanisms in the vasculature of nonhuman primates.

Ungvari, Zoltan
Bailey-Downs, Lora
Gautam, Tripti
Sosnowska, Danuta
Wang, Mingyi
Monticone, Robert E.
Telljohann, Richard
Pinto, John T.
de Cabo, Raphael
Sonntag, William E.
Lakatta, Edward G.
Csiszar, Anna
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The Journal of Nutrition

Hyperglycemia-induced vascular inflammation resulting in the enhanced monocyte-endothelial cell (EC) interaction is the key event in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis in diabetes. Here, we investigated the effect of isoflavone genistein on hyperglycemia-stimulated vascular inflammation. Human aortic EC (HAEC) were pretreated with genistein before the addition of high glucose (HG; 25 mmol/L) for 48 h.

Babu, Pon Velayutham Anandh
Si, Hongwei
Fu, Zhuo
Zhen, Wei
Liu, Dongmin
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Cardiovascular Research

AIMS: Electrophilic fatty acid nitroalkene derivatives, products of unsaturated fatty acid nitration, exert long-term cardiovascular protection in experimental models of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. The goal of this study is to examine the effects of nitro-fatty acids in the regulation of upstream signalling events in nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) activation and determine whether low-dose acute administration of nitro-fatty acids reduces vascular inflammation in vivo.

Villacorta, Luis
Chang, Lin
Salvatore, Sonia R.
Ichikawa, Tomonaga
Zhang, Jifeng
Petrovic-Djergovic, Danica
Jia, Lingyun
Carlsen, Harald
Schopfer, Francisco J.
Freeman, Bruce A.
Chen, Y. Eugene
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The American Journal of Pathology

Mice of the autoimmune, lymphoproliferative strain MRL/lpr and the congenic, nonlymphoproliferative strain MRL/n were fed one of six diets from weaning on-ward. These mice were sacrificed at 3 or 5 months of age. Low fat diets resulted in lower cholesterol and higher triglyceride levels than did cholesterol-containing high-fat diets. Caloric restriction of MRL/lpr mice was associated with an increased plaque-forming cell response to trinitrophenylated polyacrylamide beads, less lymphoproliferation, and less severe glomerulonephritis.

Mark, D. A.
Alonso, D. R.
Quimby, F.
Thaler, H. T.
Kim, Y. T.
Fernandes, G.
Good, R. A.
Weksler, M. E.
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