Vegetable Proteins

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Iranian Journal of Kidney Diseases

Dietary phosphorus control is often a main strategy in the management of patients with chronic kidney disease. Dietary protein is a major source of phosphorus intake. Recent data indicate that imposed dietary phosphorus restriction may compromise the need for adequate protein intake, leading to protein-energy wasting and possibly to increased mortality. The two main sources of dietary phosphorus are organic, including animal and vegetarian proteins, and inorganic, mostly food preservatives. Animal-based foods and plant are abundant in organic phosphorus.

Noori, Nazanin
Sims, John J.
Kopple, Joel D.
Shah, Anuja
Colman, Sara
Shinaberger, Christian S.
Bross, Rachelle
Mehrotra, Rajnish
Kovesdy, Csaba P.
Kalantar-Zadeh, Kamyar
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The Journal of Toxicological Sciences

Amount of dietary protein is known to influence blood pressure in humans and animal models. However, contradictory reports are available on the influence of source of dietary protein and soy isoflavones on blood pressure. Information on potential effect of anthocyanins, potent flavonoid antioxidants widely distributed in fruits and vegetables, on hypertension is also limited. Therefore, this study was conducted to examine whether source of dietary protein (casein vs.

Gilani, G. Sarwar
Nimal Ratnayke, W. M.
Mueller, Rudolf
Mazza, Giuseppe
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Journal of Animal Science

Ruminal fermentation, nutrient digestion, and flows to the duodenum in growing cattle fed differently produced canola protein supplements were studied in a 4 x 4 Latin square design using Speckle Park heifers (initial BW = 451 +/- 26 kg). Canola protein supplement treatments consisted of the following: 1) 8.78% regular canola meal (RCM); 2) 9.25% RCM plus 1.80% canola oil (RCMO); 3) 11.1% canola presscake from biodiesel oil extraction (CPC); and 4) 8.14% high ruminally undegradable protein (RUP) canola meal (RUCM) plus 1.32% canola oil (RUCMO).

Gozho, G. N.
McKinnon, J. J.
Christensen, D. A.
Racz, V.
Mutsvangwa, T.
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