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Revista Latino-Americana De Enfermagem

This study aimed to develop an approach about the power of humane care within the concept of nursing through the building of a theoretical structure. Spiegelberg's methodology was used to seek the meaning of the power of humane care for new nurses and for patients. The resulting theoretical structure is based on Parker's theory of power, Patterson and Zderad's humane care, Watson's theories and LarraÒaga's concept of love. The elements of this structure are: the nurse, the ill or healthy person, the environment and nursing, all bound by an affectionate humane care.

Rivero, Digna Escobar
Erdmann, Alacoque Lorenzini
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Malaria Journal

BACKGROUND: While the federal state of Amazonas bears the highest risk for malaria in Venezuela (2007: 68.4 cases/1000 inhabitants), little comprehensive information about the malaria situation is available from this area. The purpose of this rapid malaria appraisal (RMA) was to provide baseline data about malaria and malaria control in Amazonas. METHODS: The RMA methodology corresponds to a rapid health impact assessment (HIA) as described in the 1999 Gothenburg consensus.

Metzger, Wolfram G.
Giron, Anibal M.
Vivas-Martínez, Sarai
González, Julio
Charrasco, Antonio J.
Mordmüller, Benjamin G.
Magris, Magda
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Journal of Infection in Developing Countries

We report the first case of a post-acupuncture soft tissue infection due to Mycobacterium fortuitum. Two months after finishing an acupuncture treatment session, an immunocompetent 23-year-old woman developed cellulitis at the side of the needle insertions and the acid-fast bacillus was isolated from a closed abscess. The patient was successfully treated with a proper drug combination. We review the literature concerning the infection source and the risks for skin and soft tissue infection due to mycobacteria after acupuncture.

Guevara-Patiño, Armando
Sandoval de Mora, Marisol
Farreras, Aileen
Rivera-Olivero, Ismar
Fermin, Danibeth
de Waard, Jacobus H.
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