working memory

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Systematic Reviews

BACKGROUND: Understanding how physical activity (PA) influences cognitive function in populations with cognitive impairments, such as dementia, is an increasingly studied topic yielding numerous published systematic reviews. In contrast, however, there appears to be less interest in examining associations between PA and cognition in cognitively healthy individuals.

Rathore, Azeem
Lom, Barbara
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Biological Psychiatry

BACKGROUND: Early life stress (ELS) experience is associated with persisting working memory (WM) deficits; changes to the corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) system; and structural, functional, and epigenetic changes in the hippocampus. Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the CRH receptor 1 (CRHR1) gene interact with ELS experience to predict depression as well as neuroendocrine and neuronal reactivity.

Fuge, Philipp
Aust, Sabine
Fan, Yan
Weigand, Anne
G‰rtner, Matti
Feeser, Melanie
Bajbouj, Malek
Grimm, Simone
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Epigenetic mechanisms can mediate gene-environment interactions relevant for complex disorders. The BDNF gene is crucial for development and brain plasticity, is sensitive to environmental stressors, such as hypoxia, and harbors the functional SNP rs6265 (Val(66)Met), which creates or abolishes a CpG dinucleotide for DNA methylation.

Ursini, Gianluca
Cavalleri, Tommaso
Fazio, Leonardo
Angrisano, Tiziana
Iacovelli, Luisa
Porcelli, Annamaria
Maddalena, Giancarlo
Punzi, Giovanna
Mancini, Marina
Gelao, Barbara
Romano, Raffaella
Masellis, Rita
Calabrese, Francesca
Rampino, Antonio
Taurisano, Paolo
Di Giorgio, Annabella
Keller, Simona
Tarantini, Letizia
Sinibaldi, Lorenzo
Quarto, Tiziana
Popolizio, Teresa
Caforio, Grazia
Blasi, Giuseppe
Riva, Marco A.
De Blasi, Antonio
Chiariotti, Lorenzo
Bollati, Valentina
Bertolino, Alessandro
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