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Journal of Biosciences

Ayurveda is a holistic medical system of traditional medicine, and Triphala is one of the most popular formulations in Ayurveda. Triphala is composed of three kinds of herb, Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellirica, and Emblica officinalis. Since Triphala is shown to exhibit a protective activity against ionizing radiation in mice, we investigated its activity in HeLa cells. We found that Triphala showed the protective effects against X-radiation and bleomycin, both of which generate DNA strand breaks, in HeLa cells.

Takauji, Yuki
Miki, Kensuke
Mita, Juma
Hossain, Mohammad Nazir
Yamauchi, Masatake
Kioi, Mitomu
Ayusawa, Dai
Fujii, Michihiko
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Radiation Research

Exposure of pregnant rats to 25 R of x-irradiation on the fourteenth gestation day has produced in the male offspring an impairment of the development of the hepatic microsomal enzyme system which metabolizes hexobarbital. However, irradiation did not suppress the increase of enzyme activity brought about by the administration of chemical inducers (pheno-barbital). Actinomycin, on the other hand, inhibited to varying degrees both the ontogenic and phenobarbital-induced increases in enzyme activity.

Nair, V.
Bau, D.
Siegel, S.
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Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis

An Indian patient referred to Clinica del Lavoro 'L.Devoto' of Milano showed clinical signs of heavy metal poisoning, possibly related to a sustained 6-month use of approx. 3 g/day of a traditional preparation (a whitish powder with a 'mineral' appearance) to treat urological problems. To confirm the causal relationship between the disease and the use of such product, metal testing was performed on the patient's hair and the ayurvedic remedy samples by total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF).

Borgese, L.
Zacco, A.
Bontempi, E.
Pellegatta, M.
Vigna, L.
Patrini, L.
Riboldi, L.
Rubino, F. M.
Depero, L. E.
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Anesteziologiia I Reanimatologiia

Eighty-six patients with cervicogenic headaches underwent a comprehensive clinical and instrumental studies involving neurological and neuroorthopedic examinations; pain rating by the visual-analogue scale (VAS) and the rank scale, and neuroimaging and electrophysiologic techniques. The patients were divided into two groups: a study group (n = 43) and a control one (n = 43).

Medvedeva, L. A.
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Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine

This study presents a new method for measuring axial rotation of vertebra. Anatomical landmarks of the vertebral body were first recognized in X-ray film. By employing appropriate geometrical relationships, vertebral body shape parameters and a computer iteration method, the rotation angle of vertebra on the transverse plane can rapidly be obtained. A cadaver lumbar spine axial rotation-fixation device was designed to confirm the accuracy of the proposed methodology. Rotation angles on CT images were adopted as the golden standard and compared with analytical results based on X-ray films.

Chi, Wei-Min
Cheng, Ching-Wei
Yeh, Wei-Cheng
Chuang, Shih-Chang
Chang, Ti-Sheng
Chen, Jian-Horng
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Physics in Medicine and Biology

A new single-channel detector system has been developed to perform routine quality assurance of 60Co and high-energy therapy machines. This detector is composed of an orange plastic scintillator, optically coupled to a radiation-resistant polycarbonate light pipe and a shielded silicon photodiode imbedded in a hollow solid water phantom block. No temperature and pressure corrections are required. Stability results were consistent with standard deviations fluctuating from 0.03% up to 0.09% for 60Co and from 0.05% up to 0.18% for other high energies.

Beddar, A. S.
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