ISHAR as Wikipedia Representative

ISHAR’s researchers are all Wikipedians and are responsible for improving the encyclopedia in strict accordance to the spirit and letter of Wikipedia’s guidelines, acting under the principles of Wikipedia GLAM. We have thousands of hours of video transcriptions, rare journals, images, and audio files we are donating to the Wikimedia Foundation. Most of our work on Wikipedia will be in Wikipedia Commons.

Specifically these guidelines require us to list source type with an archived reference, reveal our ‘conflict of interest’ on any page or article where appropriate, and present sources and discussion points to lend support to Wikipedia editors working on the article.

ISHAR does not promote, advocate, or market material on Wikipedia. We do  not publish original research.

If there are questions and concerns about ISHAR Wikipedians, or for any other questions, please contact

List of ISHAR representatives on Wikipedia

User: SAS81

User: SAS Everest