African Americans

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Journal of the National Medical Association

Older African Americans are less likely to exercise compared with their white counterparts. Few studies have examined the facilitating factors and barriers to exercise among older African Americans living in urban communities. This study represented the first phase of a program to develop an exercise intervention in an urban community. Qualitative research was conducted to identify culturally determined attitudes that could be useful in designing an effective exercise program. Five focus groups involving 38 persons from a variety of settings were facilitated by trained professionals.

Lavizzo-Mourey, R.
Cox, C.
Strumpf, N.
Edwards, W. F.
Lavizzo-Mourey, R.
Stinemon, M.
Grisso, J. A.
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Research in social & administrative pharmacy: RSAP

BACKGROUND: The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is substantial among African-Americans; however, research on characteristics of African-Americans who use CAM to treat specific conditions is scarce. OBJECTIVE: To determine what predisposing, enabling, need, and disease-state factors are related to CAM use for treatment among a nationally representative sample of African-Americans. METHODS: A cross-sectional study design was employed using the 2002 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS).

Barner, Jamie C.
Bohman, Thomas M.
Brown, Carolyn M.
Richards, Kristin M.
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Journal of General Internal Medicine

BACKGROUND: Non-verbal communication is an important aspect of the diagnostic and therapeutic process, especially with older patients. It is unknown how non-verbal communication varies with physician and patient race. OBJECTIVE: To examine the joint influence of physician race and patient race on non-verbal communication displayed by primary care physicians during medical interviews with patients 65 years or older.

Stepanikova, Irena
Zhang, Qian
Wieland, Darryl
Eleazer, G. Paul
Stewart, Thomas
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Journal of the National Medical Association

African-American physicians and dentists in metropolitan Atlanta were surveyed to assess smoking cessation practices and perceptions. Questionnaires were mailed to 373 physicians and 90 dentists. A total of 154 questionnaires were returned, for an overall response rate of 33.3%. More physicians than dentists considered smoking a "very serious" threat to patients' health, and physicians were more likely to document smoking status in charts and to counsel smokers to quit. Physicians also were approached more frequently by patients seeking cessation advice.

Hill, H. A.
Braithwaite, R. L.
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Journal of the National Cancer Institute

BACKGROUND: Interest in alternative therapies is growing rapidly in the United States. We studied the types and prevalence of conventional and alternative therapies used by women in four ethnic groups (Latino, white, black, and Chinese) diagnosed with breast cancer from 1990 through 1992 in San Francisco, CA, and explored factors influencing the choices of their therapies. METHODS: Subjects (n = 379) completed a 30-minute telephone interview in their preferred language.

Lee, M. M.
Lin, S. S.
Wrensch, M. R.
Adler, S. R.
Eisenberg, D.
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Journal of Clinical Rheumatology: Practical Reports on Rheumatic & Musculoskeletal Diseases

BACKGROUND: Knee osteoarthritis is a chronic disease associated with significant morbidity and economic cost. The efficacy of acupuncture in addition to traditional physical therapy has received little study. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to compare the efficacy and safety of integrating a standardized true acupuncture protocol versus nonpenetrating acupuncture into exercise-based physical therapy (EPT). METHODS: This was a randomized, double-blind, controlled trial at 3 physical therapy centers in Philadelphia, PA.

Chen, Lan X.
Mao, Jun J.
Fernandes, Shawn
Galantino, Mary Lou
Guo, Wensheng
Lariccia, Patrick
Teal, Valerie L.
Bowman, Marjorie A.
Schumacher, H. Ralph
Farrar, John T.
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Supportive Care in Cancer: Official Journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer

PURPOSE: Acupuncture is a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modality that shows promise as a component of supportive breast cancer care. Lack of robust recruitment for clinical trial entry has limited the evidence base for acupuncture as a treatment modality among breast cancer survivors. The objective of this study is to identify key decision-making factors among breast cancer survivors considering entry into an acupuncture clinical trial for treatment of symptoms.

Schapira, Marilyn M.
Mackenzie, Elizabeth R.
Lam, Regina
Casarett, David
Seluzicki, Christina M.
Barg, Frances K.
Mao, Jun J.


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