Altered State

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Frontiers in Psychology

This mini-review focuses on the question of how the grammatical number system of a child's language may help the child learn the meanings of cardinal number words (e.g., "one" and "two"). Evidence from young children learning English, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, Slovenian, or Saudi Arabic suggests that trajectories of number-word learning differ for children learning different languages.

Sarnecka, Barbara W.
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The Journal of Applied Psychology

This research meaningfully connects the literatures on identification and business ethics by proposing the new construct of moral identification. Moral identification is defined here as the perception of oneness or belongingness associated with an organization that exhibits ethical traits (e.g., care, kindness, and compassion), which also involves a deliberate concern of the membership with an ethical organization.

May, Douglas R.
Chang, Young K.
Shao, Ruodan
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Contemporary Clinical Trials

BACKGROUND: The positive effects of weight loss on obesity-related risk factors diminish unless weight loss is maintained. Yet little work has focused on the translation of evidence-based weight loss interventions with the aim of sustaining weight loss in underserved populations. Using a community-based participatory approach (CBPR) that engages the strong faith-based social infrastructure characteristic of rural African American communities is a promising way to sustain weight loss in African Americans, who bear a disproportionate burden of the obesity epidemic.

Yeary, Karen Hye-cheon Kim
Cornell, Carol E.
Prewitt, Elaine
Bursac, Zoran
Tilford, J. Mick
Turner, Jerome
Eddings, Kenya
Love, ShaRhonda
Whittington, Emily
Harris, Kimberly
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Archives of Sexual Behavior

Transsexuals vary in the sacrifices that they make while transitioning to their cross-gender group. We suggest that one influence on the sacrifices they make is identity fusion. When people fuse with a group, a visceral and irrevocable feeling of oneness with the group develops. The personal self (the sense of "I" and "me") remains potent and combines synergistically with the social self to motivate behavior. We hypothesized that transsexuals who felt fused with the cross-gender group would be especially willing to make sacrifices while transitioning to that group.

Swann, William B.
Gómez, Angel
Vázquez, Alexandra
Guillamón, Antonio
Segovia, Santiago
Carrillo, Beatriz
Carillo, Beatriz
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Minerva Ginecologica

AIM: The aim is to investigate the relationship between post--partum pain and personality considered as Personal Meaning Organization (PMO). Pain diseases, not related to organic disorders, frequently occur in post--partum and may lead to severe consequences for women and their functions of caregiving. Emotions are usually experienced in the body and their expression is strictly related to individual personality. Considering personality as a process, each symptom expresses a need to maintain the sense of oneness and historical continuity.

Nardi, B.
Martini, M. G.
Arimatea, E.
Vernice, M.
Bellantuono, C.
Frizzo, H.
Nardi, M.
Vincenzi, R.
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Journal of Religion and Health

The intention of this article is to develop considerations regarding the unity in all that constitutes the multifaceted work of Soren Kierkegaard. The guides to the subject of this investigation are the stages of existence. His work is devoted to considering the unity of all spheres in their original place, which is concrete existence.

de Feijoo, Ana Maria Lopez Calvo
Protasio, Myriam Moreira
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Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life & Palliative Care
Meuche, Glenn
Publication Title: 
Journal of Counseling Psychology

Most measures of spirituality privilege religious spirituality, but people may experience spirituality in a variety of ways, including a sense of closeness, oneness, or connection with a theistic being, the transcendent (i.e., something outside space and time), oneself, humanity, or nature. The overall purpose of the present 4 studies was to develop the Sources of Spirituality (SOS) Scale to measure these different elements of spirituality.

Davis, Don E.
Rice, Kenneth
Hook, Joshua N.
Van Tongeren, Daryl R.
DeBlaere, Cirleen
Choe, Elise
Worthington, Everett L.
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Journal of Religion and Health

This paper is an attempt to provide its readers/listeners the views of Taha Jabir Al-'Alwani on Ethics of Disagreement in Islam. Taha Jabir Al-'Alwani is one of the renowned scholars and reformists of the contemporary Muslim world.

Majid, Khalida
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American Journal of Orthopsychiatry

This paper discusses the speech disorders and treatment by discussing a case of an eleven year old boy, who had been stuttering for four years, was brought to the clinic by his mother. This boy changed in thirteen interviews during three months from a severe and painful stutterer, to almost free speech. Another case is of a fifteen year old boy was brought to the clinic by his mother because he was failing in school and had a severe speech difficulty. The speech of both these children was like the original creation of an infant. It was a language of their own.

Rose, John A.


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