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The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
Lynn, Steven Jay
Green, Joseph P.
Kirsch, Irving
Capafons, Antonio
Lilienfeld, Scott O.
Laurence, Jean-Roch
Montgomery, Guy H.
Publication Title: 
International Journal of Yoga Therapy

Yoga can be an effective intervention for physical and psychological symptoms and decreased ability to cope with physical, emotional, vocational, or academic stress. One group of individuals challenged regarding adequate self-care in the face of stress are personnel in university training programs for helping professions (e.g., psychology, nursing, nutrition). This feasibility study explored engagement in and effectiveness of a systematic 10-week yoga program aimed at university faculty, staff, and students.

Brems, Christiane
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Creative Nursing

The study of philosophy has shaped and continues to shape thinking in many disciplines. One may not initially associate philosophy with a grounding idea in the nursing profession; however, its ideas fit the contour of the discipline and foster critical thinking. The philosophical nurse examines his or her practice in depth to understand human processes and deepen thinking through the teachings of philosophy. The following discussion is an overview of Daoism (the "Way") and its main ideas; these ideas will then be applied to nursing practice and human response to illness.

Chung, Stephanie
Fitzsimons, Virginia
Publication Title: 
Frontiers in Psychology

Unknown to most Western psychologists, ancient Indian scriptures contain very rich, empirically derived psychological theories that are, however, intertwined with religious and philosophical content. This article represents our attempt to extract the psychological theory of cognition and consciousness from a prominent ancient Indian thought system: Samkhya-Yoga. We derive rather broad hypotheses from this approach that may complement and extend Western mainstream theorizing.

Sedlmeier, Peter
Srinivas, Kunchapudi
Publication Title: 
Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: Multimorbidity is a serious challenge to providing patients with quality health care. Sturmberg et al. propose a P4 or whole-person medical model based on a holistic approach to deliver such care. The aim of this commentary is to examine critically their P4 model and holistic approach. METHODS: The P4 model and holistic approach of Sturmberg et al. are analysed conceptually in terms of an effective strategy or sequence for framing P4 medicine and with respect to different philosophical notions of holism for grounding it.

Marcum, James A.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to determine if grounding in the presence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) encountered in a normal housing environment produces harmful currents in the human body. DESIGN: This study had a test-retest design, with duration of 5-15?min per participant. PARTICIPANTS: There were 50 participants, of whom 23 were males aged 12-77 years (Mage?±?standard deviation?=?50.5?±?19.5 years) and 27 were females aged 13-79 years (Mage?±?standard deviation?=?45.9?±?19.0 years).

Brown, Richard


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