Cross-Cultural Comparison

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Academic Psychiatry: The Journal of the American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training and the Association for Academic Psychiatry

OBJECTIVE: As it is increasingly recognized that cultural competence is an essential quality for any practicing psychiatrist, postgraduate psychiatry training programs need to incorporate cultural competence training into their curricula. This article documents the unique approach to resident cultural competence training being developed in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, which has the largest residency training program in North America and is situated in an ethnically diverse city and country.

Fung, Kenneth
Andermann, Lisa
Zaretsky, Ari
Lo, Hung-Tat
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Forschende Komplementarmedizin (2006)

BACKGROUND: The demand for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatment in the European Union (EU) has led to an increase in the various CAM interventions available to the public. Our aim was to describe the CAM services available from both registered medical practitioners and registered non-medical practitioners.

von Ammon, Klaus
Frei-Erb, Martin
Cardini, Francesco
Daig, Ute
Dragan, Simona
Hegyi, Gabriella
Roberti di Sarsina, Paolo
Sörensen, Jan
Lewith, George
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Controlled Clinical Trials

OBJECTIVE: To determine whether clinical trials originating in certain countries always have positive results. DATA SOURCES: Abstracts of trials from Medline (January 1966-June 1995). STUDY SELECTION: Two separate studies were conducted. The first included trials in which the clinical outcome of a group of subjects receiving acupuncture was compared to that of a group receiving placebo, no treatment, or a nonacupuncture intervention.

Vickers, A.
Goyal, N.
Harland, R.
Rees, R.
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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

BACKGROUND: Cochrane Systematic Reviews (CSRs) are frequently referenced by acupuncture efficacy studies currently. In this study, the CSRs on acupuncture are reviewed, and the disease fields they covered and the conclusions they reached are analyzed. In order to explore the potential contribution to CSRs by Chinese resources, the authors analyzed whether the participation of Chinese reviewers, the utilization of Chinese databases, and the inclusion of Chinese clinical trials would affect the positive conclusion ratios of the CSRs.

Jiao, Shuang
Tsutani, Kiichiro
Haga, Nobuhiko
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Social Science & Medicine (1982)

Because migration is such a widespread phenomenon, studies of the effects of accompanying life change on the health and well-being of the migrant have special significance in areas like California that support large migrant communities. Previous studies have shown that increased weight and elevated blood pressure may be linked to changes in diet, exercise habits, and the altered sociocultural milieu of the migrant.

Pawson, I. G.
Janes, G.
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Experimental Gerontology

Menopause, according to contemporary American and European understanding, signifies the end of menstruation, a universal experience among human females. This definition of menopause is recent in origin, and is not one which is widely accepted, comparatively speaking. Research has shown that meanings and subjective experience, including symptoms, associated with menopause vary cross-culturally. Menopause may not be recognized as a concept, or alternatively is not closely associated with the end of menstruation, nor is it usually considered a difficult time.

Lock, M.
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Age and Ageing

The health (self-reported health conditions) and nutritional status (food and nutrient intake, nutritional biochemistry, anthropometry) of 189 elderly Greeks living in Melbourne, Australia were described and compared with 104 elderly Greeks living in a rural town in Greece (Spata) using a validated health and food frequency questionnaire. Spata was chosen because the traditional diet is maintained by the community and may act as a 'surrogate' measure of diets prevalent in Greece prior to the Melbourne sample's migration to Australia in the 1960s.

Kouris-Blazos, A.
Wahlqvist, M. L.
Trichopoulou, A.
Polychronopoulos, E.
Trichopoulos, D.
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Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition

To identify protective dietary predictors amongst long-lived elderly people (N= 785), the "Food Habits in Later Life "(FHILL) study was undertaken among five cohorts in Japan, Sweden, Greece and Australia. Between 1988 and 1991, baseline data on food intakes were collected. There were 785 participants aged 70 and over that were followed up to seven years.

Darmadi-Blackberry, Irene
Wahlqvist, Mark L.
Kouris-Blazos, Antigone
Steen, Bertil
Lukito, Widjaja
Horie, Yoshimitsu
Horie, Kazuyo
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Explore (New York, N.Y.)

In searching for different patterns of practice, lifestyle, and environment supportive of optimal health, we look to our elders around the world, who in the wisdom that has sustained them, we learn from with careful attention. Thirty-seven elders who live by their traditions participated in the present study. They assisted in the refinement of the methodology and collections and preparation of these data. These participants are well-respected, representative elders and traditional healers of their regions.

Pesek, Todd
Reminick, Ronald
Nair, Murali
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Current Psychiatry Reports

The incidence of schizophrenia, as well as the symptoms, course, and outcomes for people so diagnosed seem to vary across some cultural contexts. The mechanisms by which cultural variations may protect one from or increase one's risk of developing schizophrenia remain unclear.

Myers, Neely Laurenzo


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