Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice

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American Journal of Public Health

OBJECTIVES: The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 mandates the Food and Drug Administration to promulgate changes in nutrition labeling regulations. This study investigates the potential health benefits associated with expected changes in food consumption resulting from the act. METHODS: This paper provides four estimates of the potential health benefits from the dietary changes expected to occur as a result of the 1990 act. The upper bound estimates begin with the premise that all consumers will adopt the daily reference values of total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

Zarkin, G. A.
Dean, N.
Mauskopf, J. A.
Williams, R.
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Journal of the Royal Society of Health

Morbidity and longevity among the middle-aged and elderly are affected by a variety of factors including genetics, social class, diet, smoking practice, alcohol consumption, and physical activity. Additionally, in some individuals and communities, the factors of attitude, regularity of life and religiosity appear important. In this contribution, some behavioural and metabolic ramifications of adverse attitude are discussed, and some examples are given of benefits conferred in populations, past and present, marked by regularity of life and religiosity.

Walker, A. R.
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The Gerontologist

PURPOSE: Prevalence estimates of healthy behaviors and preventive care among older adults have not received sufficient attention, despite important health benefits such as longevity and better quality of life. Moreover, little is known about general population prevalences of older adults' efforts to change behavior, motivations to improve health behaviors, and perceived barriers to change.

Newsom, Jason T.
Kaplan, Mark S.
Huguet, Nathalie
McFarland, Bentson H.
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Ethnicity & Disease

Despite the recognized role diet plays in disease, health, and longevity, less than half the US population consumes the desired 5 fruit/ vegetable servings a day. What accounts for the disjunction between cognition and behavior? Telephone survey data from a probability sample of 308 metropolitan Washington, DC, residents confirm the contingent consistency hypothesis as one explanation. The hypothesis suggests that optimal beliefs about health outcomes of dietary intake motivate optimal dietary intake, contingent on social structural experiences.

Manuel, Ron Carmichael
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Forum of Nutrition

Food use is changing very fast all over the world. This and other changes (e.g. reduced physical activity, increased longevity) result in novel health risks for the populations in European countries and beyond. Also, in recent decades the convenience food market has grown dramatically and offers novel opportunities for small and large industries alike. Simultaneously, there is a dramatic and irrevocable loss of the local knowledge which forms the basis of many cultural traditions (traditional food knowledge--TFK).

Heinrich, Michael
Nebel, Sabine
Leonti, Marco
Rivera, Diego
ObÛn, ConcepciÛn
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Journal of Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are widely used in the belief that they confer additional benefit to health and longevity. Most people take one or two supplements but some take far more. What evidence is there to support use of multiple supplements and how should we advise patients who are using them? This case report gives a framework to address this issue with patients.

Bergstrom, Larry
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Harvard Men's Health Watch
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Explore (New York, N.Y.)

In searching for different patterns of practice, lifestyle, and environment supportive of optimal health, we look to our elders around the world, who in the wisdom that has sustained them, we learn from with careful attention. Thirty-seven elders who live by their traditions participated in the present study. They assisted in the refinement of the methodology and collections and preparation of these data. These participants are well-respected, representative elders and traditional healers of their regions.

Pesek, Todd
Reminick, Ronald
Nair, Murali
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International Journal of Obesity (2005)

The 2013 Pennington Biomedical Research Center's Scientific Symposium focused on the treatment and management of pediatric obesity and was designed to (i) review recent scientific advances in the prevention, clinical treatment and management of pediatric obesity, (ii) integrate the latest published and unpublished findings and (iii) explore how these advances can be integrated into clinical and public health approaches.

Katzmarzyk, P. T.
Barlow, S.
Bouchard, C.
Catalano, P. M.
Hsia, D. S.
Inge, T. H.
Lovelady, C.
Raynor, H.
Redman, L. M.
Staiano, A. E.
Spruijt-Metz, D.
Symonds, M. E.
Vickers, M.
Wilfley, D.
Yanovski, J. A.
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Conscience (Washington, D.C.)
Catholics for a Free Choice


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