Patient Acceptance of Health Care

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HIV medicine

OBJECTIVES: Prompt HIV diagnosis and treatment are associated with increased longevity and reduced transmission. The aim of the study was to examine late diagnoses and to assess the quality of care following diagnosis. METHODS: National surveillance and cohort data were used to examine late HIV diagnoses and to assess the quality of care received in the 12 months following HIV diagnosis. RESULTS: In 2011, 79% (4910/6219) of persons (15 years and over) diagnosed with HIV infection had CD4 counts reported within 3 months; of these, 49% were diagnosed late (CD4 count < 350 cells/?L).

Delpech, V.
Brown, A. E.
Croxford, S.
Chau, C.
Polavarapu, V.
Cooper, N.
Rooney, G.
Yin, Z.
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Health Psychology: Official Journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association

This experiment compared the effectiveness of gain-versus loss-framed messages to persuade women to obtain mammography screening. One hundred and thirty-three women 40 years and older and not adhering to current guidelines for obtaining mammography screening were assigned randomly to view either gain-framed (emphasizing the benefits of obtaining mammography) or loss-framed (emphasizing the risks of not obtaining mammography) persuasive videos that were factually equivalent. Attitudes and beliefs were measured before and immediately following the intervention.

Banks, S. M.
Salovey, P.
Greener, S.
Rothman, A. J.
Moyer, A.
Beauvais, J.
Epel, E.
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Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

The objective of this program was to increase mammography screening rates among Hispanic women through a series of targeted community-wide interventions. A diverse array of outreach efforts was offered by the program to increase awareness and use of screening mammography. Before the program, 12 percent of the Hispanic women surveyed in the intervention community had been screened, compared with 27 percent after the program. There was no change in screening among Hispanic women in the control community (23 percent before and 24 percent after the program).

Fox, S. A.
Stein, J. A.
Gonzalez, R. E.
Farrenkopf, M.
Dellinger, A.
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Social Science & Medicine (1982)

Evidence supporting a relationship between religion and physical health has increased substantially in the recent past. One possible explanation for this relationship that has not received much attention in the literature is that health care utilization may differ by religious involvement or religious denomination. A nationally representative sample of older adults was used to estimate the effects of religious salience and denomination on six different types of preventative health care (i.e.

Reindl Benjamins, Maureen
Brown, Carolyn
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Journal of Health Services Research & Policy

OBJECTIVE: There is concern about whether public services in Northern Ireland are equitably targeted across the religious divide. This study investigates whether use of acute hospital inpatient services differs by religious denomination, after adjusting for supply and for identified demographic, morbidity and socio-economic determinants of need for such services. METHODS: Hospital utilisation at small area level was modelled against a wide range of potential health and socioeconomic factors.

Jamison, Jim
O'Reilly, Dermot
Carr-Hill, Roy
Stevenson, Mike
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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: We performed a pilot project to assess the need for and feasibility of a church-based stroke risk reduction intervention in a predominantly Mexican American community. METHODS: Participants were recruited after each mass on a single weekend from 2 Catholic churches in Corpus Christi, Texas. Questionnaires about personal stroke risk factors and interest in program participation were completed, and blood pressure screening was performed. RESULTS: A total of 150 individuals participated (63% Mexican American, median age 62).

Zahuranec, Darin B.
Morgenstern, Lewis B.
Garcia, Nelda M.
Conley, Kathleen M.
Lisabeth, Lynda D.
Rank, Grace S.
Smith, Melinda A.
Meurer, William J.
Resnicow, Ken
Brown, Devin L.
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The Breast Journal

Breast cancer is a major health problem and concern of women religious in the USA. Although they have been identified as a high-risk population, only a limited number of breast health studies have been conducted. The purpose of this study was to explore breast-related health practices (breast self-examination [BSE], clinical breast examination [CBE], and mammography) of women religious residing in the United States. A survey design was used to collect a national sample. The probability sample consisted of 1,615 women religious between the ages of 24 and 99 (mean age = 64.5).

Thiel, Linda
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Journal of Religion and Health

Research has shown that individuals with a current religious affiliation are more likely to use preventive health services. The aim of this study was to determine whether breast screening uptake in Northern Ireland is higher amongst women with a current affiliation to an organised religion and, for those with no current affiliation, to examine whether their religion of upbringing is associated with uptake of breast screening.

O'Reilly, Dermot
Kinnear, Heather
Rosato, Michael
Mairs, Adrian
Hall, Clare
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Family & Community Health

This article situates women's roles in community health care during violence in Uganda in the 1970s. It examines the lived reality of Catholic missionary sister nurses, midwives, and physicians on the ground where sisters administered health care to local communities. The goal is to examine how religious women worked with local individuals and families in community health during periods of violence and war. Catholic sisters claimed to be apolitical, yet their mission work widened to include political issues.

Reckart, Madeline
Wall, Barbra Mann
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Journal of Anxiety Disorders

To build on the growing literature on interpersonal relationships among individuals with PTSD, this study examined the separate influences of PTSD symptoms and depression on functioning with friends, romantic partners, and family. To examine the influence of measurement, both interviewer-rated assessment of interpersonal functioning and self-reported assessment of perceived social support were included. The sample included 109 community members who sought help for mental health problems in the aftermath of a serious motor vehicle accident.

Beck, J. Gayle
Grant, DeMond M.
Clapp, Joshua D.
Palyo, Sarah A.


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