Professional-Patient Relations

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Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America

A fearful stranger to the healthcare sector when she became a frequent user 2 years ago, Goeltz clearly is now a sophisticated and creative partner. She is fully engaged in decision-making and holds the decisions made as her own. Physicians often worry that their patients don't fully consent to the treatment given them because they don't fully understand the risks. This is often a factor in malpractice litigation. Goeltz's healers don't have that worry.

Goeltz, Roxanne
Hatlie, Martin J.
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Revue D'epidemiologie Et De Sante Publique

BACKGROUND: In Morocco, the majority of maternal deaths and severe obstetrical complications occurs outside a health structure. If accessibility to a referral hospital is clearly a problem, this problem can be exacerbated by the perception that women and their family have of the quality of care received in these maternity services. The objective of this article is to explore how women who went through a severe obstetrical complication experienced their hospitalisation and to confront this experience with the caregivers'perception.

Richard, F.
Filali, H.
Lardi, M.
de Brouwere, V.
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Medicine, Health Care, and Philosophy

The main purpose of this paper is to clarify some senses of dignity that are particularly relevant for the treatment and care of the elderly. I make a distinction between two quite different ideas of dignity, on the one hand the basic kind of dignity possessed by every human being, and on the other hand the dignity which is the result of a person's merits, whether these be inherited or achieved.

Nordenfelt, Lennart
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Journal of Advanced Nursing

AIMS: This paper reports a study exploring the process of patient evaluation and identifying the factors which influence this. BACKGROUND: Patient experiences of health care have become a central focus for researchers, policymakers, clinicians and patient groups in many countries. While surveys of patient experiences have become increasingly common internationally, concerns about the validity of concepts such as satisfaction have cast doubt on the utility of their findings.

Staniszewska, Sophie H.
Henderson, Lorna
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Supportive Care in Cancer: Official Journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer

GOALS OF WORK: The use of validated tools is increasingly accepted as an unqualified good that is viewed as best practice in supportive care. This article begins to explore the impact of standardized questionnaire use in supportive care by presenting findings from recent qualitative research on clients' perceptions of the use of standardized assessment tools during their hospice experience. PATIENTS AND METHODS: There were two arms to this phenomenological descriptive study: A. Interviews with hospice patients and their carers; B. Interviews with hospice staff.

McGrath, Pam
Moore, Alex
McNaught, Meg
Palmer, Gail
Greene, Anne
Atkinson, Dawn
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Social Science & Medicine (1982)

As governments seek to expand access to quality health care services, policy makers in many countries are confronting the problem of informal payments to medical personnel. The aim of this study was to help health planners in Albania understand informal payments occurring in government health facilities. Researchers used in-depth interviews and focus groups with 131 general public and provider informants in three districts.

Vian, Taryn
Gryboski, Kristina
Grybosk, Kristina
Sinoimeri, Zamira
Hall, Rachel
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Diabetic Medicine: A Journal of the British Diabetic Association

AIMS: To explore Pakistani and Indian patients' experiences of, and views about, diabetes services in order to inform the development of culturally sensitive services. DESIGN: Qualitative, interview study involving 23 Pakistani and nine Indian patients with Type 2 diabetes recruited from general practices and the local community in Edinburgh, Scotland. Data collection and analysis occurred concurrently and recruitment continued until no new themes emerged from the interviews.

Lawton, J.
Ahmad, N.
Hanna, L.
Douglas, M.
Hallowell, N.
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Patient Education and Counseling

OBJECTIVE: Burnout is high among clinicians and may relate to loss of "meaning" in patient care. We sought to develop and validate a measure of "personal meaning" that practitioners derive from patient care. METHODS: As part of a larger study of well-being among genetics professionals, we conducted three focus groups of clinical genetics professionals: physicians, nurses and genetic counselors (N=29). Participants were asked: "What gives you meaning in patient care?" Eight themes were identified, converted into Likert items, and included in a questionnaire.

Geller, Gail
Bernhardt, Barbara A.
Carrese, Joseph
Rushton, Cynda H.
Kolodner, Ken
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Clinical Pediatrics

BACKGROUND: Milk supply concern is the most common reason given by mothers for discontinuing breastfeeding. OBJECTIVES. To describe maternal experiences of interactions with health care providers related to milk supply. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Ten focus groups (N = 56 participants) were conducted among mothers who had had milk supply concern in the first month after birth. Group sessions were audio-recorded, transcribed, coded, and analyzed to identify themes. Results.

Flaherman, Valerie J.
Hicks, Katherine G.
Cabana, Michael D.
Lee, Kathryn A.
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Journal of Clinical Psychology

OBJECTIVE: Service user satisfaction with therapy is a key part of the therapeutic process. The aim of this study was to investigate service user experiences of an 11-week group positive psychology intervention for psychosis (WELLFOCUS PPT) in the context of a randomized controlled trial (ISRCTN04199273). METHOD: Participants were 37 individuals (51% male; mean age 45.6 years) receiving the intervention as part of the trial. Semistructured interviews and focus groups were conducted to investigate participants' views of WELLFOCUS PPT.

Brownell, Tamsin
Schrank, Beate
Jakaite, Zivile
Larkin, Charley
Slade, Mike


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