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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

OBJECTIVES: Yoga is a popular form of exercise in the Western world, and yoga's effects on pulmonary function have been investigated previously. The purpose of this article is to review this research systematically and determine if regular yoga training improves pulmonary function in apparently healthy individuals. METHODS: Using the Alternative Health Watch, the Physical Education Index, Medline,(®) and the SPORTdiscus databases; and the keywords yoga, respiration, and pulmonary function, a comprehensive search was conducted that yielded 57 studies.

Abel, Allison N.
Lloyd, Lisa K.
Williams, James S.
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INTRODUCTION: Emotional reactivity and sleep constitute key dimensions of bipolar disorder. Emotional reactivity referred to emotion response intensity and emotion response threshold. Higher emotion reactivity is described during both mood episodes and periods of remission in bipolar disorder. As well, sleep disturbances are described during both acute episodes and euthymic periods in bipolar disorder. Links between sleep and emotion regulation start to be studied in general population.

Boudebesse, Carole
Henry, Chantal
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Current Medical Research and Opinion

OBJECTIVE: This review addresses the relationship between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and substance use disorders (SUDs), with an emphasis on factors that determine the potential for psychostimulant abuse. Strategies for identification and treatment of patients with ADHD who are at risk for, or have, co-morbid SUD are also addressed. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: The article was based on a qualitative review of current literature addressing co-morbid ADHD and SUD.

Kollins, Scott H.
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Body Image

Empirical and clinical interest in positive body image has burgeoned in recent years. This focused attention is generating various measures and methods for researchers and psychotherapists to assess an array of positive body image constructs in populations of interest. No resource to date has integrated the available measures and methods for easy accessibility and comparison.

Webb, Jennifer B.
Wood-Barcalow, Nichole L.
Tylka, Tracy L.
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Physiology & Behavior

The focus of this review is on current research involving long-term calorie restriction (CR) and the resulting changes observed in physiological and behavioral outcomes in humans. Special emphasis will be given to the first completed clinical studies which are currently investigating the effects of controlled, high-quality energy-restricted diets on both biomarkers of longevity and on the development of chronic diseases related to age in humans.

Redman, Leanne M.
Martin, Corby K.
Williamson, Donald A.
Ravussin, Eric
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Human Movement Science

This study aimed to continue our characterization of finger strength and multi-finger interactions across the lifespan to include those in their 60s and older. Building on our previous study of children, we examined young and elderly adults during isometric finger flexion and extension tasks. Sixteen young and 16 elderly, gender-matched participants produced maximum force using either a single finger or all four fingers in flexion and extension.

Oliveira, Marcio A.
Hsu, Jeffrey
Park, Jaebum
Clark, Jane E.
Shim, Jae Kun
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Age (Dordrecht, Netherlands)

The B cell arm of adaptive immunity undergoes significant modifications with age. Elderly people are characterized by impaired B cell responses reflected in a reduced ability to effectively respond against viruses and bacteria. Alterations of immunity with advancing age (immunosenescence) have been widely studied in centenarians who are considered a good example of successful aging. In recent years, attention has shifted to centenarian offspring (CO) as a model of people genetically advantaged for healthy aging and longevity.

Buffa, Silvio
PellicanÚ, Mariavaleria
Bulati, Matteo
Martorana, Adriana
Goldeck, David
Caruso, Calogero
Pawelec, Graham
Colonna-Romano, Giuseppina
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Fiziologiia Cheloveka
Potemkina, N. S.
Krut'ko, V. N.
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European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences

Epidemiological and clinical studies have clearly shown a close relationship between plasma cholesterol concentrations and vascular risk. We focused our attention on the phenotypic-biohumoral conditions capable of influencing longevity in relation to different age classes. We evaluated the lipid profile in an elderly institutionalized population of 80 subjects (20 males and 60 females divided into age classes) in the town of Catania.

Malaguarnera, M.
Giugno, I.
Ruello, P.
Rizzo, M.
Panebianco, M. P.
Pistone, G.
Tomasello, F. B.
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Human Biology

The purpose of this study was to review published studies on the variability of age at menarche and age at menopause throughout the world, and to identify the main causes for age variation in the timing of these events. We first present a summary table including mean (or median) values of the age at menarche in 67 countries, and of the age at menopause in 26 countries.

Thomas, F.
Renaud, F.
Benefice, E.
de Mee¸s, T.
Guegan, J. F.


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