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STUDY DESIGN: Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effect of manual endplay assessment on neck pain and stiffness outcomes in neck pain patients receiving spinal manipulation. SUMMARY OF THE BACKGROUND DATA: There have been no studies on the efficacy of palpation used as an indicator for manipulation in the management of back and neck pain. METHODS: Neck pain patients (n = 104) were randomly assigned to two groups.

Haas, Mitchell
Groupp, Elyse
Panzer, David
Partna, Lester
Lumsden, Steve
Aickin, Mikel
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BACKGROUND: Previous studies have demonstrated that adverse events occur during chiropractic treatment. However, because of these studies design we do not know the frequency and extent of these events when compared to sham treatment. The principal aims of this study are to establish the frequency and severity of adverse effects from short term usual chiropractic treatment of the spine when compared to a sham treatment group. The secondary aim of this study is to establish the efficacy of usual short term chiropractic care for spinal pain when compared to a sham intervention.

Walker, Bruce F.
Losco, Barrett
Clarke, Brenton R.
Hebert, Jeff
French, Simon
Stomski, Norman J.
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BACKGROUND: Frequent chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbation is a major cause of hospital admission and mortality. It has been reported that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) may relieve COPD symptoms and reduce the incidence of COPD exacerbations, thus improving life quality of COPD patients. The acute exacerbation of COPD risk-window (AECOPD-RW) is the period after an exacerbation and before the patient returns to baseline. In the AECOPD-RW, patients are usually at increased risk of a second exacerbation, which may lead to hospital admission and high mortality.

Haifeng, Wang
Jiansheng, Li
Suyun, Li
Xueqing, Yu
Hailong, Zhang
Zhiwan, Wang
Qiyi, Wu
Pankui, Zhang
Zhongchao, Wang
Fenglei, Li
Haihong, Yan
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BACKGROUND: The evidence on the effect of acupuncture or counseling for depression is not conclusive yet is sufficient to warrant further research. Our aim is to conduct a full-scale RCT to determine the clinical and cost effectiveness of acupuncture and counseling compared to usual care alone. We will explore the experiences and perspectives of patients and practitioners.

MacPherson, Hugh
Richmond, Stewart
Bland, J. Martin
Lansdown, Harriet
Hopton, Ann
Kang'ombe, Arthur
Morley, Stephen
Perren, Sara
Spackman, Eldon
Spilsbury, Karen
Torgerson, David
Watt, Ian
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BACKGROUND: The physical and mental health of college students tends to continuously decline around the world. Since they are in a significant transition period which presents opportunities and challenges in health promotion, it is important to improve their health in this period. As a traditional Chinese exercise form which combines movements with breath and mind, Baduanjin may be one of the selectable effective exercises. However, evidence of Baduanjin exercise for college students has not been completely established.

Zheng, Guohua
Li, Moyi
Lan, Xiulu
Yan, Xinghui
Lin, Qiu
Chen, Lidian
Tao, Jing
Zheng, Xin
Li, Junzhe
Chen, Bai
Fang, Qianying
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BACKGROUND: Despite the high incidence and the economic impact of the common cold, there are still no effective therapeutic options available. Although traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is widely used in China to treat the common cold, there is still a lack of high-quality clinical trials. This article sets forth the protocol for a high-quality trial of a new TCM drug, Baoji Tablets, which is designed to treat the common cold with summer-heat and dampness syndrome (CCSDS). The trial is evaluating both the efficacy and safety of Baoji Tablets.

Feng, Rui-zhi
Lv, Jian-qin
Johnson, Angela K.
Montoya, Juan D.
Mao, Bing
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Applied nursing research: ANR

Historically older adults have been recruited from the community or from long-term care facilities. The research study, The Effects of Intense Tai Chi Training in the Older Adult, targeted adults 70 years and older who were residing in congregate living facilities and transitioning to frailty according to the Speechley/Tinetti scale. This article describes the strategies that were designed and implemented to recruit and screen the 287 older adults who entered the randomized, single-blinded clinical trial.

Freret, Nana
Ricci, Lois
Murphy, Susan
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The British Journal of Clinical Psychology / the British Psychological Society

PURPOSE: An emerging body of evidence has shown the therapeutic effect of both mindful and non-mindful physical exercises on the treatment of depression. The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of mindful and non-mindful physical exercises as an intervention in managing depression or depressive symptoms based on a systematic literature review. METHODS: Our review was conducted among five electronic databases to identify randomized controlled trials (RCTs), which tested the effects of mindful or/and non-mindful physical exercises on depression.

Tsang, Hector W. H.
Chan, Edward P.
Cheung, W. M.
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Archives of Internal Medicine
Teerlink, John R.
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Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

OBJECTIVES: Quality of Life Questionnaire Core 30 (QLQ-C30) and Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-General (FACT-G) are widely used cancer-specific health-related quality of life (HRQOL) questionnaires. We aimed to compare their responsiveness with clinically important effects and statistical efficiency to detect such effects. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING: Secondary analysis of QLQ-C30 and FACT-G data from a randomized controlled trial of Medical Qigong (n = 162 heterogeneous cancer patients). Difference in responsiveness (DR) and relative efficiency (RE) were calculated for five domains.

King, Madeleine T.
Bell, Melanie L.
Costa, Daniel
Butow, Phyllis
Oh, Byeongsang


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