Sensitivity and Specificity

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Annals of Medicine

The biology of telomeres and telomerase has been the subject of intensive investigative effort since it became evident that they play a significant role in two important biological processes, the loss of cellular replicative capacity inherent to organismal ageing and the unrestricted cell proliferation characteristic of carcinogenesis. Telomere shortening in normal cells is a result of DNA replication events, and reduction beyond a critical length is a signal for cellular senescence.

Urquidi, V.
Tarin, D.
Goodison, S.
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The Journals of Gerontology. Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences

The choice of a phenotype is critical for the study of a complex genetically regulated process, such as aging. To date, most of the twin and family studies have focused on broad survival measures, primarily age at death or exceptional longevity. However, on the basis of recent studies of twins and families, biological age has also been shown to have a strong genetic component, with heritability estimates ranging from 27% to 57%.

Karasik, David
Demissie, Serkalem
Cupples, L. Adrienne
Kiel, Douglas P.
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Neuroimaging studies have become increasingly multimodal in recent years, with researchers typically acquiring several different types of MRI data and processing them along separate pipelines that provide a set of complementary windows into each subject's brain. However, few attempts have been made to integrate the various modalities in the same analysis. Linked ICA is a robust data fusion model that takes multi-modal data and characterizes inter-subject variability in terms of a set of multi-modal components.

Groves, Adrian R.
Smith, Stephen M.
Fjell, Anders M.
Tamnes, Christian K.
Walhovd, Kristine B.
Douaud, GwenaÎlle
Woolrich, Mark W.
Westlye, Lars T.
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Mayo Clinic Proceedings

Many of the aging-related morbidities, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, and infectious susceptibility, are linked to a decline in immune competence with a concomitant rise in proinflammatory immunity, placing the process of immune aging at the center of aging biology. Immune aging affects individuals older than 50 years and is accelerated in patients with the autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis. Immune aging results in a marked decline in protective immune responses and a parallel increase in tissue inflammatory responses.

Hohensinner, Philipp J.
Goronzy, Jˆrg J.
Weyand, Cornelia M.
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Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Dietary caloric restriction is the most robust and reproducible means of slowing aging and extending lifespan and healthspan in short-lived mammals and lower organisms. Numerous aspects of this paradigm have been investigated in laboratories around the world since its inception more than 60 years ago. However, two questions about calorie restriction remain unanswered to this day: (1) By what mechanism does it work? and (2) Will it work in humans?

Roth, G. S.
Ingram, D. K.
Lane, M. A.
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American Journal of Surgery

Obesity is increasing in epidemic proportions world-wide. Even mild degrees of obesity have adverse health effects and are associated with diminished longevity. For this reason aggressive dietary intervention is recommended. Patients with body mass indices exceeding 40 have medically significant obesity in which the risk of serious health consequences is substantial, with concomitant significant reductions in life expectancy. For these patients, sustained weight loss rarely occurs with dietary intervention. For the appropriately selected patients, surgery is beneficial.

Livingston, Edward H.
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Saudi Medical Journal

OBJECTIVE: To explore the relationship between self-reported weight and height to actual weight and height in a cross-sectional representative sample of school students in Jeddah City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its relation to selected socio-economic and socio-demographic factors. Also to evaluate the validity of self-reported weight and height measurements. METHODS: Data was collected from a sample of Saudi school students in Jeddah City, KSA from 42 boys' schools and 42 girls' schools during the month of April 2000.

Abalkhail, Bahaa A.
Shawky, Sherine
Soliman, Nadia K.
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The Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50
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The Journals of Gerontology. Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences

Calorie restriction and reduced somatotropic (growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1) signaling have a widespread though not universal ability to extend life. These interventions are considered central tools to understanding the downstream events that lead to the increase in healthy life span. As these approaches have been validated, the animals phenotyped, and the mechanisms proposed, many challenges have emerged.

Barzilai, Nir
Bartke, Andrzej
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Depression and Anxiety

BACKGROUND: DNA methylation of the SKA2 gene has recently been implicated as a biomarker of suicide risk and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). To examine the specificity and reliability of these findings, we examined associations between SKA2 DNA methylation, broad dimensions of psychiatric symptoms, and suicide phenotypes in adults with high levels of trauma exposure. METHODS: A total of 466 White, non-Hispanic veterans and their intimate partners (65% male) underwent clinical assessment and had blood drawn for genotyping and methylation analysis.

Sadeh, Naomi
Wolf, Erika J.
Logue, Mark W.
Hayes, Jasmeet P.
Stone, Annjanette
Griffin, L. Michelle
Schichman, Steven A.
Miller, Mark W.


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