Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted

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Acta Cytologica

ISSUES: Optical digital imaging and its related technologies have applications in cytopathology that encompass training and education, image analysis, diagnosis, report documentation and archiving, and telecommunications. Telecytology involves the use of telecommunications to transmit cytology images for the purposes of diagnosis, consultation or education.

O'Brien, M. J.
Takahashi, M.
Brugal, G.
Christen, H.
Gahm, T.
Goodell, R. M.
Karakitsos, P.
Knesel, E. A.
Kobler, T.
Kyrkou, K. A.
Labbe, S.
Long, E. L.
Mango, L. J.
McGoogan, E.
Oberholzer, M.
Reith, A.
Winkler, C.
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AACN clinical issues

Patients with severe traumatic brain injury resulting in increased intracranial pressure refractory to first-tier interventions challenge the critical care team. After exhausting these initial interventions, critical care practitioners may utilize barbiturate-induced coma in an attempt to reduce the intracranial pressure. Titrating appropriate levels of barbiturate is imperative. Underdosing the drug may fail to control the intracranial pressure, whereas overdosing may lead to untoward effects such as hypotension and cardiac compromise.

Bader, Mary Kay
Arbour, Richard
Palmer, Sylvain
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Human Movement Science

This study aimed to continue our characterization of finger strength and multi-finger interactions across the lifespan to include those in their 60s and older. Building on our previous study of children, we examined young and elderly adults during isometric finger flexion and extension tasks. Sixteen young and 16 elderly, gender-matched participants produced maximum force using either a single finger or all four fingers in flexion and extension.

Oliveira, Marcio A.
Hsu, Jeffrey
Park, Jaebum
Clark, Jane E.
Shim, Jae Kun
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Perspective-taking and personal distress are argued to play contrasting roles in empathic processing, with perspective-taking promoting empathic concern and personal distress promoting egoistic motivations. Previous research has shown that emotionally negative valence imagery induced ? and ? power changes relative to neutral imagery and that ? activity relates inversely to empathy. We therefore investigated the hypothesis that enhanced ? is associated with personal distress and is accompanied by a correlation between ? and perspective-taking.

Woodruff, Christopher Chad
Daut, Rachel
Brower, Michael
Bragg, Ashanti
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The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

Spectral analysis of beat-to-beat variability in electrocardiography is a simple, noninvasive method to analyze sympatho-vagal interaction. The electrocardiogram is analyzed by means of an automatic, autoregressive modeling algorithm that provides a quantitative estimate of R-R interval variability by the computation of power spectral density. Two major peaks are recognizable in this specter: a low-frequency peak (LF, -0.1 Hz), related to the overall autonomic activity (ortho+parasympathetic) and a high-frequency peak (HF, -0.25 Hz), representative of the vagal activity.

DeBenedittis, G.
Cigada, M.
Bianchi, A.
Signorini, M. G.
Cerutti, S.
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Zhurnal Vysshe? Nervno? Deiatelnosti Imeni I P Pavlova

Dynamics of structural changes of coherent relations between electrical activity of sensorimotor and premotor cortical areas of both cerebral hemispheres during and after "animal hypnosis" was studied by spectral-correlative analysis in rabbits. It was shown that "animal hypnosis" had very long-lasting trace processes, i.e., hypnotic structure of coherent relations of electrical activity in the cerebral cortex was maintained during several days.

Rusinova, E. V.
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Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift (1946)

Hypnotherapeutical technique were often used for control of pain. However, an objective examination of this phenomenon was seldom carried out. The aim of the study was the psychophysiological objectivation of the effect of experimental induced pain and the elimination of pain by means of hypnosis. 22 healthy volunteers (11 female and 11 male) aged between 22 and 35 years participated in the study.

Grünberger, J.
Linzmayer, L.
Walter, H.
Höfer, C.
Gutierrez-Lobos, K.
Stöhr, H.
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Zhurnal Vysshe? Nervno? Deiatelnosti Imeni I P Pavlova

Intercentral relations of electrical activity of sensorimotor and premotor cortical areas of the right and left hemispheres were studied by means of coherence analysis during interaction of "animal hypnosis" and motor polarization dominant created by the action of DC anode on the area of the left hemisphere in rabbits. It was shown that the session of the "animal hypnosis" performed on the background of the optimum of polarization dominant elicited disappearance of asymmetry of coherence in the delta-range frequency of electrical activity of the examined cortical areas.

Rusinova, E. V.
Davydov, V. I.
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The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

Higher frequency electroencephalographic (EEG) activity around 40 Hz has been shown to play a role in cognitive functions such as attention. Furthermore, event-related brain potential (ERP) components such as N1 and P1 are sensitive to selective attention. In the present study, 40-Hz EEG measures and early ERP components were employed to relate selective attention to hypnotic response. Participants were 20 low hypnotizable individuals, half assigned as simulators, and 21 high hypnotizable individuals.

Schnyer, D. M.
Allen, J. J.
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Clinical Science (London, England: 1979)
Emdin, M.
Santarcangelo, E. L.
Picano, E.
Raciti, M.
Pola, S.
Macerata, A.
Michelassi, C.
L'Abbate, A.


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