ISHAR Launches with a Bang!

Dear ISHAR Supporters,

A huge thank you for spreading the word about ISHAR and our launch!  Our initial rollout was a great success, especially considering the website is not yet at full potential.

We had over 4,000 visitors yesterday, and, even better, over 1,500 of them spent significant time exploring the site and using its features.  A 38% retention rate is good for a brand new website, and nearly unheard of in an academic research library.  Thank you all for your efforts in helping others see the value in ISHAR, and we look forward to impressing them further.

We have many exciting features that are still in the pipeline, including interactive visual mapping systems, behind the scenes access to full research projects, exclusive access to historical and biographical archives from important figures in mind/body history, entirely new wings of content discussing cultural practices and theory, as well as much more!
Visit ISHAR frequently and please continue to refer your friends, associates and affiliates here whenever they're curious about something in relation to mind/body.  If we don't have it now, odds are we will soon!
~ISHAR Team~