ISHAR Predicted BMJ Findings on Medical Errors

Avoidable Medical ErrorsIn an instance where we would have been happy to be wrong, the British Medical Journal recently confirmed the risk that ISHAR highlighted over a year ago.  At that time ISHAR published an infographic comparing the relative risks of Integrative Medicine (CAM) and orthodox medical treatment.  After compiling a meta analysis of our own sources and other medical references, we were shocked to discover that orthodox medical treatment resulted in 272 times more avoidable deaths than the oft-maligned Integrative Medicine, even when adjusted per capita and using the most extreme claims against Integrative Medicine.

The implications of those findings were that avoidable medical errors would rank as the 3rd cause of death in the United States, something we considered too sensational to declare.  The BMJ later analyzed the same data, came to the same conclusions, and published findings similar to ISHAR in one of the most respected medical journals in the world.  


Though the subject is horrifying and a tragedy to millions of people, we have taken away the lesson that ISHAR's analytical potential is on par with major institutions.  We will always hold ourselves to strict academic standards, but we will strive to make certain the results found within our archives are seen by those who can make use of them.  If we can speed up the process of findings like the BMJ by even a day, that can result in faster education, quicker reform, and more lives saved.

Below is the infographic ISHAR designed a year ago:

ISHAR Chart on Medical Errors