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The Korean Journal of Gastroenterology = Taehan Sohwagi Hakhoe Chi

BACKGROUND/AIMS: The prevalence of colonic diverticulosis in Korea is increasing in conjunction with the adoption of western dietary pattern, extension of lifespan, and advances in diagnostic modalities. The clinical characteristics of colonic diverticulosis seem to be gradually becoming similar to those of Western societies. Therefore, factors associated with the clinical characteristics of colonic diverticulosis in Korea were investigated.

Kim, Sun Young
Kim, You Sun
Kim, Hyun Tae
Kwon, Sun Ok
Oh, Myoung Ki
Cha, In Hye
Ok, Kyeong Sam
Kwak, Cheol Hun
Kim, Jin Nam
Moon, Jeong Seop
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Best Practice & Research. Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism

Sex differences in lifespan exist world-wide, with women outliving men by more than a decade in some countries. The gender gap is not a uniquely human phenomenon; most sexually reproducing species examined show sex differences in patterns of ageing, yet a comprehensive explanation does not exist. Here, we discuss how ageing responds to natural selection on traits that arise as a consequence of sexuality.

Regan, Jennifer C.
Partridge, Linda
Publication Title: 
PloS One

Ames dwarf (Prop1 (df/df) ) mice are remarkably long-lived and exhibit many characteristics of delayed aging and extended healthspan. Caloric restriction (CR) has similar effects on healthspan and lifespan, and causes an extension of longevity in Ames dwarf mice. Our study objective was to determine whether Ames dwarfism or CR influence neuromusculoskeletal function in middle-aged (82 ± 12 weeks old) or old (128 ± 14 w.o.) mice.

Arum, Oge
Rasche, Zachary Andrew
Rickman, Dustin John
Bartke, Andrzej
Publication Title: 
California Medicine

Data on a study group of 52 maintenance hemodialysis patients cannulated with Quinton-Scribner cannula in a four-year period were analyzed. The average period of dialysis was 11.8 months with either a pumped coil or a pumpless Kiil artificial kidney system. One hundred and forty-five cannulations were performed. The mean arterial cannula survival was 7.8 months and the mean venous cannula survival was 7.2 months. The exceptional longevity of cannula survival occurred despite the high incidence of atherosclerotic changes at operation and the advanced mean age (47 years) of the patients.

Foran, R. F.
Golding, A. L.
Treiman, R. L.
De Palma, J. R.
Publication Title: 
International Journal of Aging & Human Development

Biblical writers generally viewed old age as a reward for righteousness and piety. Consequently, they stressed the belief that the elderly were blessed and that they should be venerated. While life expectancy was usually below forty years, there are exceptional cases on record of individuals--men and women--living to advanced old ages. An analysis of these special few cases and a discussion of extra-Biblical texts shows that other ancient Middle Eastern societies held attitudes toward aging and the aged comparable to those expressed in the Hebrew Bible.

Arnett, W. S.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology

Calcium deficiency is a constant menace to land-abiding animals, including mammals. Humans enjoying exceptional longevity on earth are especially susceptible to calcium deficiency in old age.

Fujita, T.
Publication Title: 
Minerva Cardioangiologica

We report the natural history, the clinical, radiological, echocardiographic and hemodynamic pattern of a living sixty-three year old man with tetralogy of Fallot and cyanosis since birth. We discuss the possible circulatory adaptations which allowed exceptional survival up to the seventh decade: it is the sixth case reported in the literature.

Pentimone, F.
Mechelli, S.
Riccioni, S.
Del Corso, L.
Publication Title: 
The Gerontologist

This article summarizes recent findings in a case study of exceptional longevity. CM, a resident of San Rafael, California, was 114 years old in August 1996. He is the first properly verified case of a 114-year-old man in human history (although a few women have been known to live longer). Our investigation of CM continues as we attempt to gather additional information about his life, family history, and current condition. Here, we consider only two aspects of this case: its authenticity and its significance in the history of human longevity.

Wilmoth, J.
Skytthe, A.
Friou, D.
Jeune, B.
Publication Title: 
Experimental Gerontology

Many years ago, Alex Comfort experimentally refuted Bidder's hypothesis that fish potentially were immortal. Later morphological and physiological studies, together with observations from fish populations in the wild, revealed that fish age in a way similar to that in other vertebrates. More recently, assessments of the age of fish have been revised, and have shown that some species live much longer than was estimated.

Woodhead, A. D.
Publication Title: 
Soins. GÈrontologie
Robine, J. M.


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