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Seminars in Reproductive Medicine

Male factor is a common cause of infertility and the male partner must be systematically evaluated in the workup of every infertile couple. Various Eastern medical strategies have been tried with variable success. This article describes the clinical effects of Eastern medicine approaches including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, massage, yoga, tai chi, and qi gong, which could improve the sperm parameters and motility, genital inflammatory conditions, as well as immune system disorders, sexual dysfunction, and varicocele.

Hu, Min
Zhang, Yuehui
Ma, Hongli
Ng, Ernest H. Y.
Wu, Xiao-Ke
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BioMed Research International

This systematic review analyzes current data on effects of exercise interventions and physical activity behavior on objective and subjective cancer related cognitive impairments (CRCI). Out of the 19 studies which met all inclusion criteria, five RCTs investigated rodents, whereas the other 14 trials explored humans and these included six RCTs, one controlled trial, two prospective noncontrolled trials, one case series, one observational study, and three cross-sectional studies.

Zimmer, Philipp
Baumann, Freerk T.
Oberste, Max
Wright, Peter
Garthe, Alexander
Schenk, Alexander
Elter, Thomas
Galvao, Daniel A.
Bloch, Wilhelm
Hübner, Sven T.
Wolf, Florian
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Behavioural Neurology

Parkinson's disease (PD) is a serious condition with a major negative impact on patient's physical and mental health. Postural instability is one of the cardinal difficulties reported by patients to deal with. Neuroanatomical, animal, and clinical studies on nonparkinsonian and parkinsonian subjects suggest an important correlation between the presence of balance dysfunction and multiple mood disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and apathy.

Šumec, Rastislav
Filip, Pavel
Sheardová, Kate?ina
Bareš, Martin
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Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & Pharmacotherapie

The various mechanisms that may explain the association between brain dysfunction and the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome (MS) leading to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes have been reviewed. A Medline search was conducted until September 2003, and articles published in various national and international journals were reviewed. Experts working in the field were also consulted.

Singh, Ram B.
Pella, Daniel
Mechirova, Viola
Otsuka, Kuniaki
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JAMA neurology

Importance: Muscle weakness, the most common symptom of neuromuscular disease, may result from muscle dysfunction or may be caused indirectly by neuronal and neuromuscular junction abnormalities. To date, more than 780 monogenic neuromuscular diseases, linked to 417 different genes, have been identified in humans.

Long, Chengzu
Amoasii, Leonela
Bassel-Duby, Rhonda
Olson, Eric N.
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Nutritional Neuroscience

BACKGROUND: Major depressive disorder is a common, chronic condition that imposes a substantial burden of disability globally. As current treatments are estimated to address only one-third of the disease burden of depressive disorders, there is a need for new approaches to prevent depression or to delay its progression. While in its early stages, converging evidence from laboratory, population research, and clinical trials now suggests that dietary patterns and specific dietary factors may influence the risk for depression.

Opie, R. S.
Itsiopoulos, C.
Parletta, N.
Sanchez-Villegas, A.
Akbaraly, T. N.
Ruusunen, A.
Jacka, F. N.
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Brain Research

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is highly prevalent and occurs in a variety of populations. Because of the complexity of its sequelae, treatment strategies pose a challenge. Given this complexity, TBI provides a unique target of opportunity for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments. The present review describes and discusses current opportunitites and challenges associated with CAM research and clinical applications in civilian, veteran and military service populations.

Hernández, Theresa D.
Brenner, Lisa A.
Walter, Kristen H.
Bormann, Jill E.
Johansson, Birgitta
Publication Title: 
Revue Medicale Suisse

The news in addiction medicine for 2011 include new knowledges coming from the neurosciences, but also new clinical concepts, as the role of hospital addiction units in an integrated network of care. The issue of cocaine vaccination is discussed from an ethical point of view. Finally, the integration of mindfulness techniques is introduced as a useful approach in the treatment of the addictions.

Besson, J.
Grivel, J.
Tomei, A.
Falcheri, J.-P.
Waelchli, M.
Simon, O.
Rossier, V.
Publication Title: 
Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews

Numerous studies have begun to address how the brain's gray and white matter may be shaped by meditation. This research is yet to be integrated, however, and two fundamental questions remain: Is meditation associated with altered brain structure? If so, what is the magnitude of these differences? To address these questions, we reviewed and meta-analyzed 123 brain morphology differences from 21 neuroimaging studies examining ?300 meditation practitioners.

Fox, Kieran C. R.
Nijeboer, Savannah
Dixon, Matthew L.
Floman, James L.
Ellamil, Melissa
Rumak, Samuel P.
Sedlmeier, Peter
Christoff, Kalina
Publication Title: 
The Veterinary Record

Part 2 of this narrative review outlines the theoretical and practical bases for assessing the efficacy and effectiveness of conventional medicines and homeopathic products. Known and postulated mechanisms of action are critically reviewed. The evidence for clinical efficacy of products in both categories, in the form of practitioner experience, meta-analysis and systematic reviews of clinical trial results, is discussed. The review also addresses problems and pitfalls in assessing data, and the ethical and negative aspects of pharmacology and homeopathy in veterinary medicine.

Lees, P.
Pelligand, L.
Whiting, M.
Chambers, D.
Toutain, P.-L.
Whitehead, M. L.


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